Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Large Format Street Portraits

Here is the first portrait I did with the Linhof Technika, more to come from the making of session next week.
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The Architect

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Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Muckendorf Wipfing Adventmarkt 2014

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Nachdem ich heute in Wien am Naschmarkt mein Strassenportrait Projekt mit einer analogen Großformatkamera weiter geführt habe ( und Large Format Photography and Street Portraits), bin ich in meine Heimatortschaft zurückgekehrt um dort ein paar Eindrücke vom lokalen Adventmarkt festzuhalten. Wie immer war es eine sehr tolle Vernanstaltung mit vielen Geschenksideen, gutem Essen (die Grillwerker) und Trinken. Diesmal bin ich “picken” geblieben und habe den Abend mit guten Freunden verbracht.

Hier der Link zur Fotogallerie (Aufs Bild Klicken) 

English version:

After going on with my street portraits project with a large format camera ( and Large Format Photography and Street Portraits),I went back to my hometown to capture some impressions from our local Christmas market. As always it was a great event with nice gift ideas, good food (die Grillwerker) and beverages. This time I “sticked” there for a while with good friends
Click the picture to jump to the gallery 


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Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Large Format Photography and Street Portraits

Large format photography is the art of static photography, it claims you maximum concentration and it takes time to take a photo. That’s what I heard from my developer. So nothing for street portraits huh?



I just love challenges and I love to slow down, take time again and breathe.
That was the reason I started with my Mamiya and medium format photography.
A good friend started to talk about large format photography, he showed me lots of landscape pictures and some great macro shots he did in the studio. And guess what I saw in my mind, I saw great portraits of people on the streets.



Let’s go back to my beginning to get a better idea what I’m talking about:




I’m shooting mostly in manual mode, due to my experience I know the settings pretty well and for the rest I look at the exposure scale in my viewfinder. After a shot I can check the photo on the screen and do another one, if I’m not happy with the result.



Analog Medium Format 645 (My Mamiya):


Choosing the right film for the shoot, setting aperture and shutter speed. Looking through the viewfinder and half press the button to start exposure metering. In difficult lightning situation I meter different positions and calculate myself an average shutter speed (or the one that meets my main subject in the picture). Looking again thru the viewfinder and manually focus (mostly body focus), than waiting for the perfect moment and click, done.



Analog Large Format 4×5 (Linhof Technika)


Setting up the Tripod, unfolding the camera and setting up the lens, choosing the right position for the lens that meets the right framing for the portrait (distance). Calculating the exposure compensation because of the lens position. Setting up the person in front of the camera, changing the position with the tripod. Measuring the exposure with either a digital camera or with my Seconic. Applying the settings to the lens. Putting the “coat” on and start to do the exact framing (from now the person should not move anymore). After I’m happy with it, I start to use the magnifier to focus accurately.
If I’m finished with that (the person should still not move), I close the aperture (don’t forget that, otherwise the film is ruined) and put the film cassette in, remove the protecting slide (Person must still stand on the same place, it’s very important, because I shoot still wide open here) and then I’m standing beside the camera and wait for the perfect moment to press the shutter button. And at this moment I really wait, because I have only one shot.



And now imagine the difference in shooting street portraits with this three cameras.
With the digital and analog medium format camera, I just can walk around with them in my rucksack and trust my feelings to talk to the right people. If I found someone, I get the cam out of my bag and in maybe 1 minutes I’m done.



I guess you can imagine, that this is different with the large format camera, even if I found somebody, I have to prepare them that they have to have patience. And if I really ask somebody to take their picture, I really want to have one of them. If you have seen my portraits already, you see that I always look for characters and for special people that are different. Now imagine what is in my mind if I found such a person. I really want to have their picture. As you read above, with the large format, I have to do a lot of preparation and get only one shot. Maybe you can now imagine how exciting this is for me. And then there is the waiting for the development.



I only did two sessions with the Linhof right now. So is it tougher to get street portraits with it?
Yes and no:
A lot of people were looking at me with my camera on the tripod, lots of them started to talk with me. Some asked me if they are allowed to take my picture. Others were joking and so on. One of them told me, that he worked a lot with the same camera, but this are mostly not the people I want to take a portrait of. Today I was lucky, I asked two and one said yes the other said no. Funny thing: When I was shooting the guy who said yes, the other one came back to me and changed his mind. I told him, he has to wait now, because I’m shooting the other person. He was fine with it and sat down to wait. As you can see at one of the photos, I was shooting on a super busy place, but believe me, when I was focused on the picture, I did not see any of them





I was lucky today, that two good friends helped me with my project (Thanks to Dani and Fritz). Holding the reflector, handing me over some stuff, sealing the film, watching my stuff and document the names and the film settings for the developer (I pushed and pulled the film)





I arrived, this is the right thing for me. Going back to “real” photography, slowing down and finding people who are willing to do so too.This slowing down process gives the subject and me a totally new chance to capture a naturally photograph (because there is now way he is standing there and do a fake smile for that long). People are getting relaxed and interested watching me doing the preparation. Definitely the camera type can change the peoples expression.
I also like the thing, that I’m standing beside the camera when pressing the shutter button. It’s like I can watch myself taking the picture.
You gotta carry a lot of heavy stuff with you (You better work out in your free time) and every shot is very expensive.
I just can say, for me it’s totally worth it
I traveled with my Mamiya around the world to shoot street portraits, very difficult sometimes to get the right film and get it developed properly in every country, not sure if I ever will be able to do that with the Linhof…



Check the gallery for the making of photos and check my blog next week for the results. And if you want to see my work, visit
(Thanks to Franz and Dani for doing a great making of)


Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Alias the self made Indian (Street Portraits)

Alias is watching people at “the Ave” (university avenue in Seattle) since 1971. I was sitting with him there for more than a day. All the Indian stuff he is wearing was made by himself.
The reason I shot that black and white is, that he loves b&w photos. He showed me an old photo of Sitting Bull (he is his favorite) and he told me about his favorite horse race Appaloosa. 
He told me stories about when a bookstore and a bank was robbed close to his place. Also a friend got knifed here.
The post office behind him will be his castle sometimes after they close it and then they gonna bury him there… 
He has a cellphone, where a friend stole the battery. Anyway he is just using the SD card from the phone for his mp3 player :) When I was sitting there, I plugged in my iPhone to his speakers and we listened to London Grammar.
He told me stories about when he was young and tired LSD once: “after sleeping for 20 hours, I still saw crocodiles on the sky, fishes on the ground and people looked like hobbits to me, today nobody could handle that in their heads” 
One sentence he told me I will never forget:”Everything comes and is in yourself . Also god” 
There were some guys on the street playing magic (I took a photo series of them too), the girl there has a dog with only three legs, he calls him tripod :) 
A woman passed by, he knew her and we started talking. She knows Yoko Ono and then we talked a bit about this topic. 
Also Eva joint us there for a while, they know each other pretty well. And Alias knew what to say to make fun of her.
I went with her in a store to get cigarettes and a coke, even I had the feeling they know each other pretty well, there was not .much trust…..  
Looks like people like Alias and Eva are getting free food from the Hare Krishna people and the end of University Ave  
Sitting there for a long time with these guys, I saw a lot of stranger passing by. One of them looked at him and said “Yea!”. Alias was looking at me and started to smile. 
I think the truth of life is different to everybody of us, I just know Alias taught me lot and the time sitting with him there were one of the most pleasant time of my life. 
I’m sure he is sitting still there right now and I’m gonna find a way to send him his own black and white image. 

Check more photos here: 

Eva and Alias
The Stick

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Eingeladen beim Meister

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Gestern waren wir bei der Familie eines Grillwerkers eingeladen ( Dort wurden wir mit gegrillte Feigen, hausgemachter Sauce und Salat zum Start verköstigt. Das Hauptgericht war ein Hühner-Marillenspieß mit einer Beeren Ingwersauce und dazu gab es gegrillte Zuchini. Ich habe eine kleine Fotoreportage zur Entstehung gemacht, aber wie gut das ganze wirklich geschmeckt, kann ich hier nicht mit Worten Ausdrücken. Vielen Dank nochmal an die Familie Vacha



English Version



Yesterday we were invited to a Grillwerkers family ( We got lots of good food there and I did a photo reportage about making this delicious meal. I just can say, that there are now words to describe how good it was :)



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Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Uprising Reggae Festival Bratislava

What a great event with great people, click the link or picture and meet Reggae Singer Fitta Warri, Miška and Ganga. Check also the moments section.
Next year we will be back to listen to more great music.
Be sure to check my project website

Fitta Warri

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Sunday, August 17th, 2014

festival portraits Hontianska paráda – Hrušov – Slovakia

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Včera sme sa zúčastnili Hrušovského festivalu, Hontianska paráda.Je to festival tradičnej slovenskej kultúry, remesiel a umenia.Nevedeli sme, či tam budeme môcť fotiť a ako sa dohovoríme s miestnymi, ale predsa som si zobral kameru so sebou.Už po 10 minútach, sme vedeli, že je to správne miesto na portréty ľudí.S pomocou mojej priateľky Michaely, som mal možnosť urobiť pár skvelých fotiek, zaujímavých ľudí.Rozprávali sme sa s viacerými a všetci boli skutočne veľmi priateľskí a milí, obzvlášť jeden (Ladislav), ktorý ma pozval na panáka a kofolu.Na budúci rok tam pôjdeme určite aspoň na dva dni, pretože je tam naozaj čo vidieť.



Klikni na fotky a môžeš si pozrieť celú galériu



hontianska paráda - hrušov - slovakia



English Version



Yesterday we went to Hrušov for a huge Slovakian traditional festival. I was not sure if we would talk to people about portraits there, but I took my camera with me. It took me 10 minutes to see that this is the place to be for portraits. With the help of my girlfriend Michaela we were able to capture some great moments and faces. We talked to the people and everybody was super nice and friendly, even one of them (Ladislav) invited us for a shot and Kofola (a great Slovakian cola, if you are in CZ or SK you gotta try that). Next time we have to stay for at least two days….there is so much to see….
Thanks so much to my lovely girlfriend for helping me!


Click the picture to jump to the Street-Portraits gallery – also check the moments section.


hontianska paráda - hrušov - slovakia



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Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

3. Muckendorfer Beachvolleyball Turnier

Hier ein paar Eindrücke vom Beachvolleyball Turnier in meiner Heimatortschaft. Wirklich eine tolle Veranstaltung bei dem auch das Wetter mitgespielt hat ;)
(Aufs Bild klicken um alle Fotos zu öffnen)

3. Muckendorfer Beachvolleyball Turnier

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Friday, July 11th, 2014

Shooting Michael Kleemann Armbrust / Crossbow

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For ein paar Tagen hatte ich die Möglichkeit Michael beim Armbrustschießen abzulichten.
Für mich war es sehr beeindruckend und interessant diesen Sport und Michael kennen zu lernen.
Hier noch ein paar worte über Ihn und seiner Erfahrungen mit diesen Sport:


Seit meinen achten Lebensjahr schieße ich leidenschaftlich mit dem
Luftdruckgewehr. Da es nach sechs Jahren doch ein bisschen einseitig wurde
probierte ich auch das Armbrustschießen aus und es begeisterte mich schnell.
Warum genau Armbrustschießen? Diese Art im Schießsport ist eine sehr auf
Konzentration und Beherrschung aufbauende Art zu schießen. Doch obwohl ich
viel Erfahrung hatte fing mir der Anfang hier nicht leicht. Nach viel Übung
und Training schaffte ich es in meinen zweiten Jahr in den Österreichischen
Kader zu kommen und durfte sogar bei der Heim EM in Innsbruck 2013
mitschießen. Heuer habe ich bereits meinen ersten internationalen Wettkampf
gewonnen. Derzeit laufen gerade die Vorbereitungen/ Qualifikationen für die
WM in Frankfurt im August.



English Version



Some days ago I got the chance to shoot some pictures of Michael during a Crossbow session
It was impressive and interesting for me to get this sport and Michael to know.
Michael was so kind to write some words about his sport:


I love to shoot with the air rifle since I was 8. Because after 6 years I got bored a little, I started to shoot with a crossbow -> I really loved it from the beginning. Why crossbow? Because it needs a lot of concentration and control. Although I had a lot of experience, it was not an easy start. After lots of practice, I was able to join the Austrian squad for the EM in Innsbruck 2013. This year I won my first international competition and at this moment I’m preparing for the WM in Frankfurt.



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Monday, June 16th, 2014

Bruce and Brandon Lee Graveyard Tourists

Click the picture to see more of them.

Bruce and Brandon Lee Graveyard Tourists

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