Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Matrix Shooting

After we did the Breaking Bad shooting, we were looking for another topic, so we can integrate everyone into the shot. It took a while until we figured the Matrix poster fits perfect. It was a lot of Photoshop work (more than 50 layers, even the matrix background with all the characters was selfmade) and during the shooting in the studio i decided to change the light setup a little bit, because the original makes no sense on some points. We also integrated Agent Smith, because we didn’t want to shave his hair for the other character. ­čśÇ
So enjoy the outcome :)
Matrix Family
And here is the original:


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Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Entstehung der Nassplatte (making of) touch my ink

Hier k├Ânnt ihr euch die Entstehung meiner letzten Nassplatte ansehen. Wir haben an diesen Tag zwei Platten (Glas und Metall) erstellt. Beide Platten stehen zum Verkauf. Diese Unikate entstehen mit viel Leidenschaft, Silber und Licht.


Kollodium Nassplatte touch my ink
Mehr ├╝ber die Kollodium Nassplatte und wie ihr zu einem eigenen Portrait unter
Danke an Pinked Princess
und Michael f├╝r die tolle Zusammenarbeit. Zus├Ątzlich vielen Dank an Alex f├╝r die tolle Dokumentation.

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Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Fstoppers talks about my street portrait of Jack

Fstoppers startet the Critique the Community Episodes and I gave it a chance to post some of my street portraits (Topic was natural light portrait).
Yesterday I looked up their website and saw Jack (I also presented Jack on a local exhibition:Virtual Tour in their post. Of course they did not know that this was shot on an analog medium format camera, manual focus and manual exposure. That made it even more sweet, that my image got a good critique and could stand up with the digital ones. Dani Diamond even thought I have retouched it a bit…but this days this is a normal behavior and nobody thinks of an analog portrait anymore. Patrick Hall mentioned the glasses and how I took care about not having a reflection in there (I always take my time during a street portrait and mostly shoot only one or two images). Thanks a lot guys for your kind words and I knew before my images are not easy to compare.
Here is the direct link to the video from Fstoppers:
Critique the Community Episode 10a – Natural Light Portraits with Dani Diamond
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Monday, October 26th, 2015

Photo series from a Breaking Bad idea

Runterscrollen f├╝r die deutsche Version.

As you know already, I’m into wet plate photography ( Because I need mask and goggles for that, lots of people told me I look like Walter White from Breaking Bad . My girlfriend and me are watching the show and recently we saw that yellowish portrait of Jesse and Walt (you can see it on the IMDb page from Breaking Bad ). As you can imagine the idea of doing such a thing with ourselves was born quite quickly. After a CV portrait shoot we changed the strobes real quick and did some serious shots of ourselves and the rest was done in Photoshop. Here is the outcome, we like it a lot :)
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Breaking Bad - Wet Plate


Breaking Bad - Wet Plate


Breaking Bad - Wet Plate


Breaking Bad - Wet Plate


Breaking Bad - Wet Plate


Wie ihr schon wisst, biete ich auch die Nassplattenfotografie ( an. Da ich daf├╝r eine Schutzmaske und Brille ben├Âtige, haben mich schon einige mit Walter White von Breaking Bad verglichen. Die Serie fesselt meine Freundin und mich immer ├Âfter vor dem Fernseher und k├╝rzlich stolperten wir ├╝ber ein gelbliches Doppelportr├Ąt von Jesse und Walt (Auf der IMDb Seite von Breaking Bad findet ihr das Bild). Wie ihr euch vorstellen k├Ânnt, entstand schnell die Idee ein ├Ąhnliches Portr├Ąt zu erstellen. Nach einem Bewerbungsfotoshooting haben wir kurz die Blitze umgestellt und dann ging es schon los. Noch ein wenig Photoshop am Abend und schon haben wir die Idee umgesetzt. Dabei sind ein paar sehr coole Bilder entstanden.
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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

street portrait – historical fighter from Bratislava 1619

As you have seen maybe already, I took some pictures at the Bratislava 1619 event (check my blog post about that As I walked around and looked at the people, I saw one of them that cached my attention. I walked to him and asked if I’m allowed to take his picture. He agreed and I got this great expression. I think his face fits perfectly in this kind of time line.

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Monday, October 5th, 2015

Bratislava 1619

We went to Bratislava this weekend and by accident we saw an old battle going on in a park.
Googleing at home I figured that this was a huge festival called Bratislava 1619 ( ) and it is about to show a reenactment of a military battle from 17th century.
It was a great experience, sword fights, rifles shooting and canons were exploding very impressively loud. For some moments we felt to stay in the middle of a big historic war. I shot also a portrait of one of the “fighters”. I will post later about that. Scroll down to see some moments of the battle

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Making my own collodion trial and error

During our vacation I finally read Quinn Jacobson’s ( ) book “Chemical Pictures”.
Chemical Pictures

The main cause was to make my own Collodion with the iodizer method to have always fresh Collodion (older one is less light sensitive)
In the book are all the CAS numbers, so I thought the ordering should be pretty easy.
I ordered all the chemical stuff at a local store and figured out at home (with the help from Quinn) that they gave me the wrong ether.
Somehow I was lucky not to use this ether, because it would have ruined my first batch of Collodion.
I ordered immediately another ether and started to make my first self-made Collodion
I was very careful with all the new chemicals (wearing gloves, a mask and protecting glasses)
I finished the iodizer and was again disappointed, because it had the wrong color. Again with Quinn’s help we figured that the ether was again the wrong one….even I ordered it with the right CAS number there were differences in the stabilizer.
Because I mixed everything already, I gave it a shot to do my first plate with my self-made Collodion.
The Collodion was dark red, normally that is a sign of an old Chemical what means it is less light sensitive.
I turned my strobes to maximum power (2500 ws) and fired them closely to my subjects.
Back in the dark room, I poured the developer on the plate and was expecting to see the mid tones after about 10 to 15 seconds.
Surprisingly I had to stop the development after 3 seconds, because I totally overexposed the plate with my strobe power.
That means that the “red” Collodion is still very light sensitive (the ether was stabilized with copper, maybe that’s the reason for the red color)
Anyway I ordered now the right ether (again with Quinn’s help) and will do the rest of my batch with the right ingredients, to be sure it will last as long as it is described in the book.
At this point I want to thank Quinn a lot for taking his time to answer all my emails!!
Here is my first plate (18x23cm) with the “red” Collodion.
Meet Yoda with his chicks :)
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Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Analog Pool Photos – Eurotour Sankt Johann

This time I shot with film too, manual focusing and pretty low light in Sankt Johann Alpendorf was quite a challenge and very interesting for me.
Scroll down to see the gallery and let me know what you think about shooting with film theses days.

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Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Street Portrait of Daryl Peach – The Dazzler

Daryl is a famous well known pool billiard player. 2007 he won the 9 ball world championship, he played the Mosconi Cup twice and gained some Eurotour titles. I shot this photo with my analog medium format camera in very low light (1/25th of a second with Ilford Delta 3200 film), so you can imagine that manual focusing was quite a challange.
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Click the picture to see more street portraits



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Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Eurotour Sankt Johann – Alpendorf

It has been a while since I visited the Eurotour in Austria. This time it was double sweet because I had my charming girlfriend on my side and because I was able to meet many friends again! I saw lots of new (young) faces on the tables, this made me feel a little old school :)
Happy to see that new talents are on their way and this makes pool alive. Congrats to Joshua Filler to stay on the winner side till the finals. Great way to be a runner up! Congratulations to Niels Feijen to win the title again in Austria!!
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Click the picture or this link to jump to the photo gallery:


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