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Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Werner Scheu

A friend and well known Austrian pool player past away last week. His game was strong and so was Werner. I remember a free training he did with a group of other players. It was a mixed group with beginners and some league players. The beginners doubted lots of shots he explained
(Don’t know what Werners high run was, but I saw him shooting above 100 in straight pool…so he knew how to play). In that moment I saw in his face what he was thinking(he took a deep breath), but he stayed calm and went on with his explanations. That’s how I knew him, always polite, friendly, helpful and ready for the fun part of life.


And that’s also how I will remember him – we will miss you Papa


Werner Scheu

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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Virtual Tour and photoshooting for Bildungszone

Scroll down for English version


Meine letzte Fotosession war vorort bei der Bildungszone.
Diesmal waren neben Portraits auch wieder virtuelle Rundgänge von der wunderschönen Lokation dabei. Danke nochmal an Uschi und Christoph, hat riesig Spaß mit euch gemacht.


Die Bildungszone. bietet professionelle Bildung zu den Schwerpunkten:
Sprechen, Training, Moderation und Coaching, in Form von
Diplom-Lehrgängen, Seminaren und Einzelberatung!
Sie bieten aktuelles Wissen, zeitgemäße Methoden, interessante Modelle und
unterhaltsame Übungen.


Wichtig ist ihnen, die Teilnehmer optimal auf Ihre zukünftigen Schritte, Projekte,
Veränderungen oder Vorhaben vorzubereiten.



Auf das Bild Klicken um direkt zu den Rungängen zu kommen (runterscrollen).


Christoph Wydy,training, coaching, consulting



English Version:


Recently I had a onsite photosession at Bildungszone.
Beside headshots, I did also two virtual tours of the beautiful office. Thank to Uschi and Christoph, it was so much fun!!!


Bildungszone. is an educational institute for andragogy. They offer their
participants courses, seminars and trainings. Their topics: Speaking,
Presentaion, Training and Coaching.
They prepare the participants for their professional life. There is an exam
after every cours to get a certificate.



Click on the picture to jump directly to the virtual tours (scroll down).


Christoph Wydy,training, coaching, consulting

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