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Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Craft Camp 2017 im Himmelkeller

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WOW, was für ein toller Tag im #craftcamp2017. Alleine die Location ist einen Besuch wert, schaut einfach im Himmelkeller vorbeit. Anfangs wußte ich noch nicht recht, was dort auf uns zukommt. Kurz nach Workshopstart, war ich auf einmal umstellt von vielen neugierigen Bloggerinnen: Kochen mit Diana Superzisch we love hand made masslos kochen viennalicious Kreativ Kultur (und viele mehr), die dann sehr fleissig mitgeholfen haben. Hat riesigen Spaß mit euch gemacht und die Ergebnisse können sich echt sehen lassen! Freu mich über eure Kommentare, lasst mich wissen, wie es euch gefallen hat.
Danke an alle Teilnehmerinnern und die Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich Ketchum Publico für die tolle Organisation und Hensel Deutschland und Pro Digital für die tollen Produkte, dank dem kraftvollen Hensel Tria 6000 Generator (mit EH Pro 6000 Blitzkopf) und den Hensel Expert Pro 1000 konnte wir gemeinsam neue Kunstwerke entstehen lassen.

Mehr über Nassplattenfotografie unter
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Verwendete Hardware:
Hensel Tria 6000 Generator
EH Pro 6000 Blitzkopf
Hensel Grand 90
Hensel Expert D 1000 Kompaktblitz
12″ Reflektor EH inklusive Wabe


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Wow what a great event that was – the location is for sure a great place to visit, check out their website: Himmelkeller. A few days before I was not sure what I will be experiencing there, but shortly after I started the workshop I was surrounded by lots of local bloggers: Kochen mit Diana Superzisch we love hand made masslos kochen viennalicious Kreativ Kultur (and lots more). All of them where helping to get the job done. It was so much fun to work with you guys and I love the outcoming wet plates a lot.

Thanks a lot to Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich and Ketchum Publico, also thanks to Hensel Deutschland and Pro Digital for their great Products. Thanks to the powerful Hensel Tria 6000 Generator (in combination with the EH Pro 6000 strobe head) and an Expert Pro 1000 we were able to get very creative.

More about wetplate photography
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Hardware I used:
Hensel Tria 6000 Generator
EH Pro 6000 Blitzkopf
Hensel Grand 90
Hensel Expert D 1000 Kompaktblitz
12″ reflector EH inc. grid



Saturday, February 25th, 2017


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Neben Nassplatten fotografiere ich natürlich auch digital, wie zum Beispiel dieses Fitness-Shooting.
Mehr meiner Fotos findet ihr hier unter

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English Version
I do digital too beside wet plates, for example a fitness shooting.
Mehr of my pictures you can find here

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Monday, May 16th, 2016

Nassplatten Spaß – Wet Plate Fun

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Um die neue selbstgemachte Chemie zu testen haben wir mit den Jungs ein paar lustige Platten erstellt.
Mit Hüten und Sonnenbrillen bewaffnet ging es los zum Shooting. Als dann die Matrixbrille genau im Moment der Belichtung von der Nase fiel, konnten wir uns alle vor Lachen nicht mehr halten.
Ein Foto, gemacht auf einer 100 Jahre alten Kamera mit einer 160 Jahren alten Technik.Nassplattenfotografie – wet plate – ganz ohne digitale Technik, analog, der „Film“ wird per Hand beschichtet und in mehreren Schritten verarbeitet. Mehr darüber (auch Videos) hier:


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Nassplatten Spaß - Wet Plate fun

English version:
To test my new self made chemicals, we did a wet plate fun shoot with the boys. Ready for action with hats and sunglasses we started the shooting. Exactly when I did the exposure and fired the strobes, the Matrix style sunglasses drooped from the nose and we captured them in the air. As you can imagine, we can’t stop laughing after that.

A photo, done on a 100 year old camera with an 160 year old technique.
Wet plate photography – without any use of digital workflow – analog – the “film” is poured by hand on the plate and processed afterwards in many steps. Find more about it here (inclusive videos)

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Hensel GermanyPro Digital


Monday, October 5th, 2015

Bratislava 1619

We went to Bratislava this weekend and by accident we saw an old battle going on in a park.
Googleing at home I figured that this was a huge festival called Bratislava 1619 ( ) and it is about to show a reenactment of a military battle from 17th century.
It was a great experience, sword fights, rifles shooting and canons were exploding very impressively loud. For some moments we felt to stay in the middle of a big historic war. I shot also a portrait of one of the “fighters”. I will post later about that. Scroll down to see some moments of the battle

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Reese’s Cup online stream

Picture Guy won the Reese’S Cup 9Ball……we are playing 10 Ball 5 ahead for the second one….Surfer Girl won the 10 Ball Cup

When: 4th September 2010. 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)
For example its -7 hours in Chicago
Follow this link to find the time difference in your city:


Place: Oh no I can’t remember the name of the place. Close to Vienna. Mucken something 😉


Referee: Highly experienced German Shepard Little. The level of the play will be assessed by the consistency of her pooh around the pool room after the game. The looser will clean it, too.


Format: 9 Ball. Reese’s Cup moving from head string along the diamonds, left side for the picture guy right side for the surfer girl. First one to make it to the foot string takes the Reese’s Cup. Oh confusing? Simply said 9 ahead wins.
The pressure to win will be immense, as both participants are on low carb diet. Oh and the Reeses is very, very special to both of the participants… Participants are not allowed to obtain and consume any other Reese’s Cups before the match or after, besides the one that has been played for. No sharking allowed.


The music played during the match will be chosen by the currently loosing participant.


Stream link:


Reese's Cup


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Friday, July 30th, 2010

Server Change

We changed all my websites to a new server.


Thanks to Christian for his support.
If you are looking for a solid webhoster with good prices, checkout his website:
Bimmer EDV


I tried to check everything and it looks good so far.
Performance is much better now 😉


Please let me know if you have a problem browsing my pages somehow.





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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Little Monster Brendan Crockett

On US Open 10-Ball day one Brendan Crockett won 9:6 against Jasmin Ouschan.
Just got the news in the middle of the night here in Austria.
(Thanks for waking me up *lol*)
Congratulations Brendan.


I met Brendan and his dad @ DCC 2009 and cant wait to see you guys again.
Can’t wait to play Brendan again…..and for sure I will bring a pillow with me
(I know I will sit for a long time and watch this kid play 😉 )




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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

14.1 @ Red Shoes

Nice Tournament, nice people, nice place:

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Last Day Shots

Here is the link to the last gallery, feel free to click on the donate button if you like it.


Here are all other galleries:


First day:


All videos should be available in High Quality.
























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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Some More Pics

Still got only little sleep…..still one day to go….still having fun….still playing Pool


Yesterday I took a picture of the pocket size, so you all guys can see how tight they are:






  A pic of Samm, Mike (Inside Pool Magazine) and me:






 Gallery of day 7:

(pics are still uploading)

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