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Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Day 2

Today was a very long day for me: woke up @ 7:00 am and now its 6:05 am 😉

(okok I got 1,5 hours bed time between)


What happened today ???

I met a lot of the pros today (Ralph Souquet, Thorsten Hohmann, Grady Mathews and so on….)

I felt like being in a big family, thank you guys !!!


Finally I met some friends today (Joerackem aka Kathy  Sullivan and  Joe Nielsen and Fatboy (you all know him))

Thanks guys, I enjoyed it with you today, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.


Tested the new OB break cue with the Samsara tips (You have to try this cue guys, I liked it)

 and I also hit some balls with a OB cue and OB-2 shaft.


@ the AZ Room I met a lot of nice players/ forum members.


And I also played some games. (9 Ball, 10 Ball (Ring game with some AZ guys), Straight Pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball Bank )


Derby is really 24/7 action, you have to see this !!!! To be honest, I’m only @ te room, because I have to sleep some hours.

I looked at all rooms before I went back to the room, and found sleeping players, Pros in discussions,  action (TAR Pit was full),  and the 9 Ball mini tournament still going on.


Sorry guys, only two pics today, because I played a lot (My VIP TV seat and me with Grady “The Professor” Matthews):


Here a short vide from my VIP TV seat, so you can see how close you can se the pros 😉


Sorry for the bad quality, but I have to compress the video to get it uploaded because the internet connection is very slow.

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