Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Action Action Action

What happened today ?

I saw a 9 Ball Bank match between Homann and Bustamante.
(Thorsten won, not to bad for a German guy *ggggg*)
I have also seen a lot of One Pocket and other Bank Pool matches .

Played some games @ AZ room and met a lot of AZ members.


This evening I watched first the Fatball Challenge (Ralf won again 😉 )
and after that I was going to see te TAR Efren Reyes vs Shane Van Boening match.

As you can imagine, this was an exciting game. (It was a hell of a game)
Both guys played awesome, but because of the time (it was about 4:00 am) 
and the mental pressure, both guys missed one or two balls.
Finally Shane was doing his last rack….everything was looking fine….
everybody was feeling the pressure…. about 4 balls remaining.
And just in this moment the light powered down. Unbelievable !!
The crowed was out of control !!!!!
I caught some facial expressions from Shane with my camera after the light was back.
After this incident  Shane finished his last rack and deserved the win.


Enjoy the photos:




The Fatboy Challange video is still uploading 🙁

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