Saturday, January 31st, 2009

DCC….Best Pool Event Ever

Today I will try to let you know what you are missing because you are not here:


Meeting (and playing) nice people and getting new friends  (All the AZ guys (Jay, Don (Thanks for the breakfast and you know I owe you a drink) and all the other nice guys), the guys from OB Cues (really enjoyed the talk every day), Hustling USA, Jack Justis, the Longoni Shop (I’m so sorry, I forgot your name) and all the other vendors. Having fun with the pros: Ralf (its every time a pleasure to see you playing), Thorsten (I know, I’m from Austria and its not my fault *lol* but why you left Germany ? *ggggg*), Mika (Great run @ the One Pocket challenge), Mr. 400 (Funny guy 😉  ) and all the other guys.


Every time when I’m on the way to the tournament area, I get a lot of “Hello Markus, how are you, how was your game, nice to meet you”. That’s for me like coming home…..thank you guys !!!!!!!


Seeing some really good matches @ the TAR pit: The Efren vs SVB match (First time I saw Efren struggling), yesterday the match between Jeanette (really enjoyed the long game, Jeanette was a killer) and this unknown guy (In the next gallery you will find a lot of pics of this event).


Watching some f…..g good matches @ the tournament.
If you want to see some good shooting, you’ll have to come to the DCC !!!!!!!


Seeing sleeping people all around (because of no hotel room, or because of doing a blog and getting to little sleep 😉 )


Seeing guys driving with their Mobility Scooters (I think there are some guys who really need this, but I heard that a lot of the guys are just lazy)


Buying a lot of T-Shirts *lol* and eating a lot of junk food 🙁


Being on the best Pool Billiard event of your life…….


Day 6:

(The next gallery is on its way……)

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