Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Good and bad days or the fight for improvement

 The last weeks I was practicing with the Pocket Reducers:



 I just was working on my stroke and on doing the same thing every time.I like to do that with the Pocket Reducers, because they force me to get concentrated on every shot.So I was working on aiming, getting more views and doing more practice strokes before I shoot. Also I focused on “going through the ball” on every shot.And this should also work when I “jack up” on the ball.I was working every day on this and I forced myself to do my “ritual” every time, even when I felt very comfortable. (Not an easy thing for me)Also I try to play when I felt uncomfortable (very tired or when my body felt bad).


And today is one of these days where I will not miss even one ball and anyway I forced myself to do my “ritual” (even though I knew I could make every ball without it.)

To get more feelings (Information) about myself on these days, I tried to watch myself as much as possible.

What I want to say is: Don’t just enjoy your good days, try to learn from them.Also enjoy your bad days, don’t get rustrated and pissed, be happy, because you have the possibility to see what you are doing wrong.



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