Monday, September 14th, 2009

Vienna B Tournament 9 Ball

My first tournament this season….

The day started not too good, my dog left me a messy present in the kitchen 🙁 
After cleaning everything and going outside to clean the rest, the water hose “exploded”,when I turned it on and I was not that happy about my start this morning.

Finally I was on the way to Vienna. (a little late for the warm up…..)


My first opponent was an advanced beginner and he had some luck.
Often I was not able to see a ball, after he missed his shot (and he had no position for his next shot)
But finally I was able to get it done and won 5:4

In the next match I was back in stroke and I won easily 5:1

Then I played a Philipino guy, he won.against a friend (pretty
good player) 5:1, but I don’t care about suchthings.
So I went with a good feeling in this match. Started good, did some bad shots, but won 5:3

Quarter Finals:

So one of the longest matches in this tournament is going to start now (not only for me).
The table we played had very (very very very very) fast cushions, like playing pinball.
I was very upset because of that, but I was able to start with a 4 nothing to a race to 7.
But then the disaster started. I missed a lot of balls and I did not know what was happening.
The phone of my opponent rang two times and he was walking away talking.
Phone Calls are not allowed during the tournament and normally he should be disqualified. 
But I didn’t care about that, because I want to win my way.
I tried to concentrate very hard, but the game was not running for me. so it ended up with 4:5 against me.
But you know, the game in pool is over when the last 9 is in its pocket, so I started fighting.
And won the last game with a carom from the 5 to the 9. So I won 7:5 (I think we played about more then an 1.5 hours)



Without any break, I had to play the semi final. Very exhausted from the match before I started to play.
During the first game, my opponent missed the 9 and it was 1:0 for me.
After that, I missed some balls and it was an easy run for the other player.
@ the end I was back in stroke….and was doing good…to late, I lost 7:5 (deserved).

And after watching the finals, I got
my trophy…


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