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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

A Big Loss

On December 31. 2009 one of our biggest friends passed away.
Harald Weingartner was one of these guys who was able to  make you smile in seconds.
A very straight person that helped whenever he was able to.
He was a good son who took care of his mum all the time
and he loved (and for sure still loves) Pool and every little thing around it.
We played a lot and it was fun every time.
Even when he played some Harry’s (lucky shots),  and everybody knows what he said with a smile afterwards:
“I did it only  because of the next position, there is no other way to play this ball”
This is how I know him and how I will remember him all the time.

Harry, you will never be forgotten.
You will live in our memories and in us.

This tribute is for you:

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 Please forward this information to everybody who knows him.

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