Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

World Team Championship Day 1

After a long journey from Austria to the Best Western Premier Parkhotel,
I finally made it.
The Hotel is about 8 mins away from the exhibition hall(25).
You have free Internet there,  free sweets and fruits on the welcome desk and very good food in the restaurant.
The inside looks noble and the employees are very friendly and helpful.
During I was walking to the building 25 I was amazed from the scenery around.
Finally in the hall I saw a lot of stuff going on there and from my point of view all the guys there did a great job.
Because a lot of things were already done in this short time frame.
After shooting some pics and talking with the guys there I went back in the hotel room to develop and upload the pictures.


Enjoy (Click on small picture to see the gallery):

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  1. January 28th, 2010 at 03:35

    Tai Chengzhe said:

    Hi! Love your photos!
    I’m from China, and work in the biggest website and megazine about cuesports in China. Our website is http://www.top147.com, and we are watching the 2010 WTC. Chinese players Li Hewen, Liu Haitao, Fu Jianbo, Dang Jinhu are there in Germany playing, but we chinese reporters didn’t get the chance to go there. I’m reporting the WTC to the Chinese fans, do you mind me translating part of your blogs to the chinese fans and site some of your photos? I will notice that the photos are from APPB website. I left my Email address, mail me if you are interested in our further cooperation.

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