Thursday, January 28th, 2010

World Team Championship Day 2

My day started with a cold this morning … after getting up I went downstairs to the breakfast room.The breakfast is like paradise here. All you can imagine is available. I had a lot 😉 and a bit more.After this meal I went back to the room relaxed a little to get rid of this cold.I was surfing the Internet and sadly I had to see that a lot of rumours are going on about the WTC.I didn’t know where they come from, but they are not true. Very easy to check, just see my pics and videos.Do you really think anybody would work on that if the event is canceled ?I can tell you, everything is fine and a lot of players are waiting to compete in this great event.During the afternoon I went to the exhibition hall again and took more pictures and this time also some videos.As you can see, everything and everybody is getting ready for this big tournament.I went also to the next hall to capture some Harley’s.OK, I am not in motorcycles but this Harley’s are looking fantastic and I am sure the sound will blow your mind.On my way home a terrible storm starts to blow me nearly off my way.

Thanks to Tom TC for providing me the background music (
Also thanks to my girlfriend Angel for the inspiration.


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The video is available in HD, so be sure HD is checked and you watch it full screen.



World Team Championship 2010 preparation from Markus Hofstätter on Vimeo.

The biggest European Billiard Magazine:


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