Sunday, January 31st, 2010

World Team Championship Day 5, The Tournament Starts

Today was very stressfull:
After the breakfast we went food shopping and some hours after that the players meeting started.
I shot the first pictures in this meeting and because of a planned portrait and group shooting we had to hurry to the exhibition hall after it. Arrived at the hall,the players were waiting already. In the next hours I was shooting about 35 nations….this was really exhausting. I had a little break because of the opening ceremony. As you can imagine, I was shooting there also. We saw ther a great performance from Dr. Cue and Rossmann. After that I had to hurry back to shoot the last groups of players. Done with that, I went exhausted back to the tournament area to shoot more pics.
For sure I was watching Austria. Our guys won the first 4 matches against the United Arab Emirates. Albin as usual did some supernatural warp shots…..stunning !!! Congratulation guys. Germany won very close against Canada. I was watching the games and I saw some terrific shots from Jentsch and Ortman. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some pics from China guys as promised. Enjoy the pictures guys:



Click on the small picture to open the gallery:



More photos are available here:

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  1. January 31st, 2010 at 06:11

    Tai Chengzhe said:

    Thank you! I saw Jeanette in your referee team photo. Hope everything goes well! Can’t wait to see Team China play tomorrow!

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