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Saturday, February 6th, 2010

WTC Day 11, Darren against China and a great shootout

Another amazing day……I totally overslept, but I was on time there. I still was developing pictures when the tournament already started. I took pictures then of the first matches and went back to empty my memory cards. After I went in again, one of the last matches were Darren against LIu Haitao. Looks like Dynamite lost already. It was 5 to 1 I think. The Daz came back and they went to hill hill. Daren had to shoot a tough ball and scratched. The table was wide open and Darren knew that it will end here.
But nobody was able to see what then happened. The Chinese guy had ball in hand and scratched on the first ball. WOW that I call pressure. Darren finished the last three balls and then we had to see the longest shootout of this tournament (until now). These guys were amazing, nearly every ball was falling in the pocket and it ended wit 27:25 for Dynamite and his gang. Congratulations to both teams !!!


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