Monday, February 1st, 2010

World Team Championship Day 6, let the games go on

After 2 hours of sleep I went for breakfast, then 40 mins rest in the room and  then back to the exhibition hall to shoot group and single pictures of the referees. Later I took more group and single pictures offthe missing nations. I was not able to shoot too much today, because my hands were too shaky. I had a very nice conversation with  Marcus Dienst of Arthur Cues and he allowed me to shoot some balls with one of his cues, very stiff hit, but I like them. Tomorrow I will be back again and there will be much more different tournament pictures.



Click on the little picture to open the gallery:

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One Response to “World Team Championship Day 6, let the games go on”

  1. February 1st, 2010 at 08:41

    Tai Chengzhe said:

    I saw them, I saw them!
    Good match played by Team China!
    And also excellent work of your photo art!
    Someone else is e-mailing me as press release.
    Your workmate?
    How many persons are there working with you?
    We also had a powerful team in Shenyang, China.
    Still interested in Mario He, because I get the infomation that he’s Chinese blood, a friend from Taiwan said. But we both believed that he’s been in Austria since he was born, right?
    Hope I can see more pictures!
    Thanks again, and invite you again to China, you’re welcomed here anytime!

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