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Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Day 3 European Pool Billiard Championships Zagreb (Straight Pool Finals)

This year was the first year I had the opportunity to see the wheelchair players.
I saw some great matches and cant wait to see the next ones.



Straight pool quarter finals:


We saw a lot of exciting games thins finals.
In the quarter finals I saw David Alcaide playing against John Blacklaw. The “black law” was fighting against David, but lost. On the second table Andreas Roschowsky played against Nick Van Den Berg.Nick had a great start and Andreas was sitting for a long time. But after a mistake from Nick, Andreas came back to the table and it looked like Nick will not be able to resume his run. Andreas was focusing on every single ball, it was one of the most exciting matches today. He froze his cue ball two times to the rack after the break and escaped once with a very tough kick shot. Sadly he lost at the end 118 to
125. Congratulations to Nick for a great game.



Semi finals:


I had one of the best places in the semi finals, I was sitting between two nice girls (Handan and Anna)
and in front of me Jasmin played Kynthia Orfanidis. Jasmin did not play her best game, but she won @
the end. Gerda played Anja Wagner outside, so I was not able to see this match.
David Alcaide defeated Nick Van Den Berg and Artem Koshovj had some great runs against Huidji See. His game looked so easy like everybody could have done that. Congratulations for this game !!





David Alcaide against Artem Koshovj. After Is saw Artem winning agains Huidji, I thought nobody can stop this boy today. But I forgot that David Won against Nils with a 125 balls run And he did similar thing with Artem. Congratulations David for a great win !!!! (125:3)


On my left side I saw Gerda against Jasmin.
Again Jasmin was not happy with her game, but Gerda also did some unusual mistakes.
And Jasmin did the same as in she semi finals, she fought like hell. And won at the end 75 to 19.
Congratulations Jasmin your revenge this year.


After the finals I went for dinner with Sagi….lol it was a very long walk thru Zagreb until we found a resturante ;-)


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