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Friday, March 26th, 2010

Day 8 European Pool Billiard Championships Zagreb (8 Ball Finals)

A lot of emotions today, don’t miss the picture gallery


Quarter Finals 8 Ball


Jasmin Ouschan won against Tamara Rademakers and Monica Margeta did a very emotional win against Amalia Matas. Line Kjorsvik ruled over Kynthia Orfanidis. And Gerda Hofstätter over Martine Christiansen.


Jouni Tahti won against Emil Schranz and Henrik Larsson against Tankred Volkmer. Kurt Deklerck won 5:2 against Daniel Luton and with the same score Karl Read against Tony Southern.


Marcus Chamat won 8:3 against Karol Skowerski. So did David Alcaide against Manuel Gama. Francisco Sanchez won 8:4 against our Austrian guy Martin Kemptner.Konstantin Stepanov ruled with 8:1 against Zoran Svilar.


Semi Finals


Jasmin won 6:1 against Monica Margeta and Line showed a great performance against Gerda. I saw some great breaks and nice run outs. and so it ended up 6 to nothing for Line.


Henrik and Kurt won their matches.


Marcus won on a hill hill match agtainst David. This was a very exciting match with some great shots from both players. Konstantin won against Francisco 8:4




Jasmin against Line. Wow what a match. Until 2:2 both of them did clear the table after the break. After Line did her first mistake Jasmin cleared it again. After her first lead Jasmin scratched on the break and Line came back. She hooked herself on the last ball but did a great kick to escape. As we all expected this match ended up with hill hill. Jasmin won her third gold medal here and is now the first woman who won three gold medals in a row. Congratulations for such a great performance.
And I cross my fingers for the 4th and last gold medal in 9 ball. (Even if you have to rent a truck for the trophies)


Another great finals match, Kurt against Henrik. Henrik did some incredible kick shots and it ended up again with a hill hill match. After a safety battle Kurt won the gold medal. Congratulations.


A big fight against Konstantin and Marcus, instead of a hill hill match Konstantin won 8:6.
Congratulations to team Russia for such a great player.


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