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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Day 10 European Pool Billiard Championships Zagreb (9 Ball Finals)

Its 6:09am here, haven’t slept for about a long time and I am writing my article about such a great event.


Jouni Tahti won in the semis against Matej Brajkovic 7:0 and Henrik Larsson against Roy Kimberley 7:1.
In the finals Jouni Tahti won his second title against Henrik. What a great match. Congratulations


We saw a very exciting match from Gerda Hofstätter against Ina Jentschura in the semis. Ina had to break after they went hill hill. A perfect break, the cue ball stopt near the center on the table, but then an object ball moved the white ball in a pocket. After Gerda cleared the table and deserved the win.
Jasmin played Line Kjorsvik again (She lost against line before), but this time she won 7:3
In the finals we saw a very strong Jasmin against Gerda. What can I say, 7:0 is a statement.
But from my point of view Gerda did not make many mistakes. I think one dry break, one time she scratched on the break an one miss….its really tough to loose that high. But Jasmin just ran out every rack.


@ the semis Mateusz Sniegocki won aganst Ruslan Chinahov 9:6 and Ralf Souquet won against Alesandros Kazagi also 9:6.
I Watched the finals not from the beginning, but from 4:4 both players were running out every rack.
And because Mateusz did one mistake earlier Ralf was leading. So after hill hill Ralf was on the break and run out for a 9:8 win.
Congratulations to both players for such a great performance!!!!


After the finals we went to a big party and ended up this day in the casino.
The very sad part of this day was to say goodbye to everybody.
Guys I will miss you and hopefully we will see us again soon.
Because of this great community it feels like having a big family.
Thanks to everybody for such a great event.


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