Monday, September 20th, 2010

China Open Day 2

After some hours of sleep I missed the breakfast and walked into the city to get some impressions of Shanghai. 1,5 hours later I was compleatly wet and tried to find a taxi to the tournament area.
I think the 5th one knew where I wanted to go, but brought me one block away….
After some photos I got a delicous lunch and met a guy who spoke perfectly german. I got the adress for the women qualifiers from him (thanks again) and so I was watching out for the next taxi….this time it was pretty easy to get there. The club there was as beautiful as the other one.
And I saw there also some very good matches….about two hours later I went back to the other place (a Chinese player invited me to share the cab with him…thanks a lot) to shoot more pics.
About 500 photos later and after saying hi to Tony (smiling like always) I went exhousted back to the hotel.


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