Friday, September 24th, 2010

China Open Day 5 (start of the tournament)

There is no Day4 because of a big holiday here…


What a long day today…..its after 8 in the morning and I finaly finished with the pictures.
I went at about 11:30 to the tournament area to pick up my press pass. Sadly the did not find it but with a helpfull chinese girl I got thru everything and got it at the end.
Also I had to wear this funny yellow jacket (it says elephant king….whatever that means ;-))….Little strange from my point of view because photographers should wear more dark stuff to do not disturb the players when moving….
After a nice opening ceremony the tournament started. (Get ready for a many many pics today)
There was a lot of light in the big hall but because of the light came only from big lamps on the ceiling the faces of the players were very dark and I had a hard time to find the right settings for the pictures……still not that happy with it.
At the TV tables and at the practice area are the lighting conditions much better.
After a while I was getting hungry and Niels gave me a hint about a super market across the street.
It is super close to the area and you get all the healthy food there… some realy nice apples ;-)
I can’t give you details about all the matches because I am focused on my photo stuff. But this two links will show you the results:


BTW thanks to for inviting me to this great event.


A online stream should be here:


I just can tell you that I saw some realy great shots when I was moving thru the area.
After the tournament I went with Sarah, Brtiney, Kelly, Gerda, Penny, Joanne and Corey for dinner and after chatting with Britney, Ruslan and Tony I went back to my hotel @ about 2am…


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Enjoy the photos (Click on the small picture to see the gallery):
The first pics are of the players hotel (and on the way to get there)




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