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Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Mosconi Cup day 3 – Europe in emotion

Day three was the longest day so far, starting at 2 pm with afternoon session and at 7pm with an evening session.



As the Mosconi Cup was running behind the schedule after the first two days, the matches were reduced to a race to five instead of six.



First match of the day was doubles battle between Europe’s Mika Immonen and Karl Boyes and Americans Dennis Hatch and Johnny Archer. Europe is off to a good start with a 3:0 lead, the next game is taken by Americans as Karl Boyes scratches on the break. This is however the last point that Americans do and Europe wins this match with a 5:1 score. The overall score is once again leveled at 4:4.



Second match is doubles again, this time is Mika Immonen teaming up with Ralf Souquet against Corey Deuel. Crowd saw couple of lucky shots this match and the Americans take this match with a 5:2 win. Overall, the Americans regained their one point advantage at 5:4.



Next match is a single battle between the debuting Karl Boyes and Rodney Morris. Match is going evenly, until Rodney Morris gets a tougher position on the nine and fails to pot it. This brings the score to 4:2 instead of 3:3. Karl Boyes breaks and runs the last rack for a 5:2 victory. Once again the overall score is leveled at 5:5.



Evening session starts with another doubles match of this Mosconi Cup, between Darren Appleton and Nick van den Berg against Shane Van Boening and Dennis Hatch. Comfortable lead of the Europeans 4:1 changes into a nervous 4:4 quite quickly. Some tough shots require execution by the Americans in the last match which they accomplish to close the match with a 5:4 score. Overall score is bringing the Americans one point ahead again.



Next match on the program is the doubles match of this Mosconi Cup. Once again, the Europe reaches the hill first at 4:1. But again Americans fight back to bring this match to hill hill again. It is breaking time for Ralf Souquet and this time the Europeans do not let the Americans back to table and close the match with a 5:4 score. Once again the one point lead is erased and the overall score reads 6:6.



Next match is singles battle between Dennis Hatch and Darren Appleton. Couple of unforced mistakes rattled Darren Appleton and it must have been very tough to find himself trailing on the home turf 1:4. Time out seemed to have done the trick and Darren finds his focus again and with a great support from the crowd brings the score to hill hill. Dennis Hatch is on the break which works out pretty well and seems like a routine run out. Many people probably held their breath in the arena, whilst the white ball was running into position for eight ball but would not stop rolling and just got hidden behind the nine. Dennis Hatch was forced to try to swerve around the nine to pot the eight, but misses the shot and leaves a tough eight for Darren. He executes the shot perfectly, gets on the nine and snatches the victory 5:4. This was probably the most exciting match of the day and it took the Europe to a first time lead at this Mosconi cup with a score 7:6.



For the last match of the day is also the last doubles match of this Mosconi Cup between Mika Immonen and Nick van den Berg against Shane Van Boening and Corey Deuel. Europe is once again leading 4:1, but this time does not let the match to go to hill hill and closes the match at 5:1.



Europe will be sleeping better today, with an 8:6 lead.



Day by day, the crowd in the York Hall gets bigger and louder. Atmosphere is unbelievable and some opinions have been heard that this is the best Mosconi Cup so far. And the best is yet to come tomorrow…..



Article: Marketa Mlejnkova
Photos: Markus Hofstätter



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