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Friday, March 25th, 2011

Preperation for the European Pool Championships 2011 in Brandenburg

A lot of cables, chargers, lenses, cleaning tools, card readers, hard discs, laptops and I don’t know how much other stuff is laying in front of me and that means another event is coming up. The flashing lights of all the different chargers are reminding me of Christmas and mostly that’s the feeling I have before going to a big tournament. Another thing I am happy about is that I will see a lot of friends again. (I think the last time I saw most of you guys was in the Casino in Zagreb 😉 ) It was so much fun there….
But as everybody knows after the EC is before the EC (and in between there are enough other events 😉 )
Speaking about online Casino….not sure but maybe we have a chance to hang out there in a Casino again
We got some nice feedback about the interviews we did @ the Mosconi Cup….not sure if there will be enough time to do some here….lets see.
Back to the photo stuff…really curious how the light will be there. But I should be prepared enough with a lot of equipment.


We we will be there from Saturday until the end…I attached a short review from the last EC to make the waiting for my photos easier….enjoy:


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