Sunday, March 27th, 2011

European Pool Championships 2011 Day 3…..what a day….

Its about 5 in the morning right now and finally I finished everything.
Today I tried to pick up my girlfriend from Brno to go to the EC. At my first stop at a gas station i figured out that both of my tires in the back are missing a lot of air. In one of them I saw a screw sticking out.
So I went to the nearest tire shop, so they can have a look at it. A lot of car mechanics there…..but nobody had time (that was what they said….looked like they rather go for lunch then to fix my car).
Anyway, I was lucky to call the guys from Fleischman Reifen in Klosterneuburg ( They promised me to fix my tires as soon as possible….30 mins later I arrived there and another 45mins later they fixed both tires and I was on my way to Brno (Thanks everybody there for the great work). I had a Screw and a nail in each of them…..maybe bad luck or somebody does not like me (wondering about that because I am very rarely at home and when I am mostly sleeping)
I arrived very late in Brno and my navigation system said we will arrive at 8:30pm in Brandenburg.
The bad thing was that my girl already missed one game because of a business trip (Marketa traveled the whole week….) and the next mach was @ 7:30pm.
The only thing I can say is: We made it somehow.


The EC:


My girl immediately started to play and I started to shoot pictures.
It was so nice to see all my friends again…..a lot of people just came to me and said hi….thanks for that!!
My girl won her match against Anna Grintsuk 6:4 and went to the hotel then to get some rest.
I stayed there until the finals.
Tomasz Kaplan won against Fabio Petroni in the finals …. Fabio did not had much opportunities to come to the table.
Jasmin Ouschan won against Line Kjorsvik and is again Europen staight pool champion.

Congratulations to all of the players!!!


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Enjoy the photos (Click on the picture to see the gallery):
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  1. March 27th, 2011 at 15:22

    Peter Gomulka said:

    Marvelous pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Gives me a good sense of the tournament and the players.

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