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European Pool Championships 2011 Day 9 and 10 …. Trophys Trophys Trophys

Sorry for the late post….but after a lot of finals, players-party and banquet it was to late to work on the photos.


My girl won in 10 ball against Jasmin Michel but lost against Melissa Rademakers and finished 17th


At 10 Ball we saw the shot of the tournament from Ralf Souquet. At hill hill against Mario He he called the 9 ball over three cushions into the side and won this match with that crazy shot. Thanks to Bulle Benson for capturing and uploading that shot:



(Visit his Website for more interesting videos:


The players-party was awesome…..we had so much fun there. And that was the reason that we had a hard time getting up next day ;-)
At the next day Anna Majrina (also Pyramid champion) played against Jasmin Ouschan (10 Ball).
This could have been a super tight match. Anna played very strong and with strong nerves. She started to run the first rack, but shot the 9 before the 8.
It ended up 6:4 for Jasmin, but could have been different if Anna would not make this mistake in the first rack.


I was watching the Men 10 ball finals (Stephan Cohen and Radoslaw Babica)…Somehow a bit funny because Stephan was behind the camera at the 9 Ball Finals.
Both players played a great match but at this last moments at the tournament both of them where exhausted I guess but kept on fighting.
Stephan won at the end and I got this nice pic of him:


My deepest respect to all the wheelchair players. Its amazing how strong you guys play with that difficult angle of view.
I never tried to play in a wheelchair but I talked to some players who did that and they told me how tough this is.


After the last finals I was kind of relieved….it was so much fun all week long but also very stressful….just little sleep every night to get the pictures online and carrying around my gear all day long is a tough job. But when I look at the photos after that, I am happy I did.


It was again an awesome event with super nice people. We had so much fun with you guys and so it was kind of tough again to say goodbye after the banquet. But as everybody knows, after the EC is before the EC and we will see you guys again next year. Thanks to everybody to make this awesome event what it is!


Results for 9 and 10 Ball (Scroll down for the Galleries of day 9 and 10):


9 Ball Women
First: Jasmin ouschan
Second: Gerda Hofstätter
Third: Line Kjorsvik and Anastasia Nerchaeva


9 Ball Men
First: Nick van den Berg
Second: Mario He
Third Huidji See and Francisco Ruiz Sanches


9 Ball Wheelchair
First: Henrik Larsson
Second: Tahti Jouni
Third Tony Southern and Roy Kimberley


10 Ball Women
First: Jasmin Ouschan
Second: Nataliya Seroshtan
Third: Kamila Khodjaeva and Anna Majrina


10 Ball Men
First: Stephan Cohen
Second: Radoslaw Babica
Third: Manuel Gama and Konstantin Stepanov


10 Ball Wheelchair
First: Tahti Jouni
Second: Larsson Henrik
Third: Roy Kimberley and Aslum Aboobakar


And again congratulation to all players!!!


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Enjoy the photos (Click on the picture to see the gallery):
(If you want to use the pictures please contact me and don’t crop my watermark out)





Day10 (Congrats to Jasmin for three gold medals):




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  1. April 5th, 2011 at 15:57

    Susi said:

    Ralf “THE KING” Souquet amazing concrats 🙂 and jasmin 3 gold medals concrats too …

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