Monday, August 15th, 2011

PoolSynergy – 10 things

This month PoolSynergy topic is 10 things.
I decided to go for 10 exciting pool moments:


1. My first big tournament in Germany. Organized by a German Forum (www.billard-aktuell). Some Pro’s and a lot of average players were attending. Anyway it was a very exciting tournament for me…first time meeting a lot of pool freaks like me…..receiving the prize for the guy who did the longest traveling to the tournament and seeing Ralf live on the table for the first time. This was a major thing for me, because I saw Ralf playing every match as seriously as he can. Now I know this is the only way to go, but at that time it was very fascinating for me and made me remember these days forever.


2. Before my vacation in Vegas I was looking for an opponent there. A guy named “Fatboy” sent me a message with his number on Azbilliards and told me I should call him when I am there. After we did some sightseeing there I called him. As you all can imagine it was a big surprise for me to visit him in his house. I had two exciting evenings at Eric’s and for sure this was another moment I will not forget. (Thanks again for the invitation Eric 😉


3. Eric again….he was talking all the time about this DCC thing and that I have to see that sometimes…..I had no clue what he is talking about. But after some research, I was curious and I planned to go there. One year later I saved some money and organized everything. What should I say, if you love pool you have to see the Derby City Classic. I met so many nice people there. And by the way….if you go to derby….be prepared for lack of sleep (Sleeping means missing action). I started my blog because of Derby and also got more into photography by that. That means it’s also the reason I am traveling much more with my camera now.


4. A lot of things changed after the Derby and I went to Chicago in May to visit Angel. Chicago was just wow for me. Met so many nice people there and loved all the different food. I love Maries Golden Cue and to play in 10 Cat is really fun, but during taking pictures in Pressure Billiards somebody asked me if I am Markus (fruehlein), the guy who is traveling around and taking pictures. This was a sweet moment for myself …. To be recognized thousands of miles away from home.


5. Some tournaments later I got an invitation to the World Team Championship. Another unique tournament and a lot of nice memories there. I think everybody who saw that one will never forget the legendary shootout between England and China. Even the calm Chinese guys were cheering a lot during those moments. Darren lifted me up and carried me around after team UK won the WTC…how can you forget that 😉


6. The same year I went to Zagreb for the European Championships. Meeting all the peeps again made me very happy. This was also a unique moment for me, because Jasmin won all four trophies (9 Ball, 8 Ball, 10 Ball and 14.1)


7. After the WTC I got an invitation to the China Open from Tai. That was kind of adventure for me….I just have known him over the Internet…anyway I booked my flight and just hoped that somebody will pick me up in Shanghai. What can I say….it was very exciting there, again I met all my friends again. We had so much fun (and so little sleep for me). After the Open I went to Yalin and Beijing. So much happened that I can’t write about it all, but for sure I would like to thank everybody again for the great time.


8. Experiencing my first Mosconi Cup in a crowded York Hall in Bethnal Green in London was a perfect ending for that year. I never saw so much emotion and such a professional setup in Pool. Working there together with JP was great and I am looking forward to another Mosconi Cup


9. First time going to a big trip with my girlfriend: European Championships 2011. It was great to share all the great moments with her. Again little sleep, again a lot of work, again a lot of costs….but it was worth it like always. And it was another tournament that will remain in my mind.


10. Mostly when I am traveling people are asking me about pictures and that’s the reason I started my own company: poolaroids . After the last EC I intended to start with it and gave myself two month until the launch. Tough two months. But I did it. I went for just the best quality and material you can get and took account of environment protection. Even because of that my sleeping habits changed a bit, but I am sure it is worth it. I am very happy about my decision now and it feels very good to work on it.






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  1. August 15th, 2011 at 16:25

    20 Writers. 10 Things. | The Tip Jar said:

    […] Markus’s 10: 10 Most Exciting Pool Moments […]

  2. August 15th, 2011 at 16:58

    John Biddle said:

    Wow, I can’t imagine how cool it is to fly all over the world doing what you love and spending time in all these great places with so many great friends. But I get to share it with you a little because of your blog. Thanks for that.

  3. August 15th, 2011 at 19:29

    Samm Vidal said:

    OUTSTANDING PHOTOS!!! You’re such an amazing photog!!!

    Thank you for sharing these and for this fantastic post! I’m glad you got to see the Fatboy estate before he sold it. 🙂

    Miss ya

  4. August 16th, 2011 at 02:39

    Mike Fieldhammer said:

    I love your work and I’m so happy for your success. Great to meet you at DCC in the beginning. If you ever need an assistant photographer at some huge tournament, please keep me in mind. The more exotic the location, the better!

    Keep Screaming,
    Mike Fieldhammer :-O

  5. August 16th, 2011 at 05:41

    20 Writers. 10 Things. | AzPool and Billiards said:

    […] Markus’s 10: 10 Most Exciting Pool Moments […]

  6. August 22nd, 2011 at 01:33

    Gary said:

    Great moments, great shots. I envy both you and Mike being able to get out there and shoot in more ways than one. Photography has been a serious lifetime hobby of mine as well. Keep up the great work!

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