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Monday, September 26th, 2011

Dayton Beach sunrise and surfing pics

Finall I found time to publish some pictures.
I went with Marketa and Jennifer to the beach surfing….after my first water swallowing session I went back to my camera 😉


There are some days you better should stay in bed…..I went to the beach to get some sunrise pictures early in the morning……
Because it was still dark some sand fleas or other bugs were biting me all over my body (was itchy for more then 8 days) and then it started to rain really hard…..I had to dry my camera stuff for three days until everything worked as usual again.
Anyway got some nice pictures in the rain…a lot of beautiful clouds and some early beach people.
Maybe I was the only guy on the beach who still smiled during the rain 😉


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Friday, September 16th, 2011

New York

After some starting problems with our tickets we arrived finally in New York….but no luggage.
Luggage arrived three days later without our cues….they are still missing. ¨We staied in the Super 8 Motel in New Jersey. There was a shuttle bus 24-7 every 10 minutes for little money to Manhatten.
Overall it was very stressful to be in New York…..but I enjoyed it a lot to see finally Gina and Steve Lipsky and Jonathan L. Smith. I also met Stew again and played some games with Jennifer Baretta in Amsterdam Billiards
Not to forget to see Zion Zvi again (thanks for everything buddy). Maybe you guys didn’t see it, but I realy enjoyed my time hanging out with you a lot. As you can imagine I had to shoot some pictures too of this beautiful city.
That means another my view gallery….my view of New York:


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