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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Start of 8 Ball and 9 Ball Final at the Beassy World Class Open

8 Ball:


Nick Van Den Berg won his first match agains Imran Majid. Nick was 5:0 ahead and after some dry breaks Imran came back.
But Nick kept on fightng and won 8:7. Jason Shaw won his match and Mario He played flewless against Serge Das.
Mario lost then his next match agains a strong Karl Boyes.


9 Ball Finals:


Darren won in the semis agains Mark Gray 9:7. Darren was also ahead and Mark came back, but after a long fight Dynamite won.
Sandor Tod played the semis against Konstantin Stepanov and won 9:5
Darren against Sandor for the Trophy ended up with 9:6 for Darren.
Beside the Trophy Darren got a Cue Masterpiece from the new Beassy Yacht Series (with diamond inlays)
Again congrats for a great performance Darren!!!!


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