Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Sarajevo Coloseum Open Day 1

Sarajevo is a interrsting city with its different parts. You still see holes from the war everywhere in the houses, but you see also a lot of new and renovated buildings. They have some realy good local food here (all from veel) and everybodys is very friendly. It’s definitely worth a visit. All players are staying in the Radon Plaza Hotel. I think its the best you can get here. The rooms are huge, during breakfast you are sitting on the 15th floor and can enjoy the view (its rotating). The venue is fulfilled with players arround the world (over 250). A lot of big names are here, like Ralf Souquet, Karl Boys, Darren Appleton, Rodney Morris, Niels Feijen, Raj Hundal to just name some of them. The first game starts at about 8 am and the last one at 1:30 am, so you see a lot of action here. Today you get my view of Sarajevo, the hotel and the tournament. Enjoy


Here is the link for the Livescore:


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Enjoy the photos (Click on the picture to see the gallery):
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