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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Hard Times Bellflower 9 and 10Ball Tournament

It all started with an coincidence. We went to US for vacation and my last stop was California. Visiting some friends overthere, I figured out that there are tournaments in Hard Times. My gear was with me, so I had to shoot some photos there.


The main event (The Hard Times Ten Ball Open) was a big Event with a lot of big names (Dennis Orcullo, Shane VanBoening, Francisco Bustamante, Max Eberle, Rodney Morris, Raj Hundal, Scott Frost, John Morra, Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez, Brandon Shuff and Jose Parica to name just a few). Jay Helfert was commentating with Barbara Lee and Daniel Bush did the streamin (check out for streams) Organizer was Marielle Lim. All this people and many more were responsible for that great pool event. Thanks to everybody for that!!


Congrats to Dennis Orcollo for winning this Tournament. (Shane finished second and Max third)


It was my first tournament after a longer break, so you can imagine how I enjoyed to visit old friends and watch high level pool again.
I was in Hard Times some days before and shot also a 9 Ball Tournament (Pics at the end of the gallery)


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