Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Photo diary of breathtaking views

About the trip:
This trip was really breathtaking, full of canyons, valleys and other great views..Just with my girlfriend, me and our car. Driving miles over miles on lonesome roads, mostly no reception, far away from civilization. But you never get bored on such a trip….after every second corner you experience new views and landscapes.
Monument Valley was great. When you look at the big panorama you can get an idea how it feels to stand there. On our way to the Capitol Reef we stopped at the Lake Powell for a while…..such a nice place. I will never forget the funny chipmunk and how he picked up food for his family. We stopped for a little break on our way to Bryce Canyon, it looked like a parking with the possibility for a short work, but at the end we stood in front of a unbelievable scenery.
The Bryce Canyon and its mind-blowing views…we also met there a funny bird (similar to the chipmunk) and a “not so shy” raven. At the end the raven nearly attacked me, because I was to close I guess…but the photo was worth it.
After the Zion National Park we went to the Valley of Fire.
I got lost there by 108 degrees and had no water with me and two heavy cameras in my hand climbing down a rock…stupid me, my girlfriend was more clever and waited in the car 😉
Even when I think now about getting lost there….it was worth it, just check the photos from that place.


New gallery:
After long hours at night I finished the next gallery from our USA trip. Normally I shoot people, so this was different for me, but I had lots of ideas and I hope you enjoy the outcome.
As you can see I used a new gallery design that time. When you move the mouse to the top, you see some buttons there. With the I button, you can fade in my comments for every picture. With that, on the bottom (in the comments field) comes also a facebook- twitter- email button, so you can easily share every single picture you like. On the top right you can find a music player (flash required), just press play and listen to handy music. On mobile devices you can easily swipe thru the photos, like you are used to it. And PC and Mac use the cursor keys or mouse wheel.
On Windows systems press F11 for full screen, to get a better experience.
Because I got some improvement suggestions, I implemented bigger Panoramas this time.
Additionally I will add some gigapixels after I’m done with all photos.
If you want to have one of these in big (or also normal size ), just let me know. I’m testing right now a new stunning paper. In my office hangs already a photo with over two meters length. It looks so beautiful.


Please share the gallery with all your friends and spread the word if you like it. Feedback is also very welcome
Click on the photo to open the gallery.
(Any image may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my permission.)




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  1. July 27th, 2012 at 18:19

    tommy said:

    wow da kommt neid auf
    schöne landschaft und ein nettes mädl
    (gibts deinen hut auch für männer)
    alles gute an euch

    dth (dont trust him)

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