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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


When you would have asked me some years ago about shooting pictures with my phone, I would just give you a smile. I usually use my 40D, 7D or 5DmkIII (and sometimes a medium format camera).Everybody knows, there is no doubt about the quality compared to a phone. For holiday fun I use a Sony dsc-TX30. This camera is really tiny and you could carry it easily in your pocket all day long without getting bothered about it. But still, you have to charge the battery and you have to put it in your pocket.


My phone is always with me, it’s mostly charged and it also can shoot pictures.
So it’s time to give it a serious try to shoot what I love -> people.


I’m not afraid to shoot people close with a wide angle lens (33 mm equivalent, from an actual focal length of 4.13 mm on a iPhone 5). It gives the viewer the feeling to be very close to the subject. Speed is also a important point -> I was driving with the car during the second shot, so i would be way to slow with my dslr to capture this beautiful moment.
I also did the post processing on the phone. I mostly use Snapspeed, because I’m used to it from my PC (Nik filters). For the watermark I used Photomarkr. And to write this article and post it, I used the WordPress app.


From my point of view, the quality is ok for web, but I will also give it a try and develop a print.
The usability is unbeatable -> shooting, editing and posting on the same device. But it’s tough to change settings the way I’m used to from my dslr’s. I also love to use an optical viewfinder and a fast autofocus that snaps to a (moving) subject at 1.4 for example. (I mostly shoot wide open)
Big prints is also something I like a lot. And there is so much more that an cell phone cannot do (right now). An iPhone will never make me happy in my professional approach.


Anyhow, there is a true saying: The best camera is the one that’s with you.


lunch hour
lunch hour

morning hour
morning hour

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Pool Memories

Just went thru my older photos and found that one. Was a great time during the World Pool Championship (WTC) in Hannover 2010.



Oliver Ortmann WTC 2010


Need high quality photos, prints or posters for your pool room, go to poolaroids:


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Monday, October 7th, 2013

Sandras Birthday Party

Scroll down for English version.


Ich hatte das Glück, Sandras Geburtstag zu Fotografieren.
Danke nochmal für die Einladung!!
Hier die Fotos und ein kurzes (auf alt getrimmtes) Video:


Aufs Bild klicken um die Bildergallerie zu öffnen





I was lucky to be invited to shoot Sandras birthday party.
Thanks again for the invitation!!
Check out the photos and the old style video:


Click on the picture to jump to the gallery



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