Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Fstoppers talks about my street portrait of Jack

Fstoppers startet the Critique the Community Episodes and I gave it a chance to post some of my street portraits (Topic was natural light portrait).
Yesterday I looked up their website and saw Jack (I also presented Jack on a local exhibition:Virtual Tour in their post. Of course they did not know that this was shot on an analog medium format camera, manual focus and manual exposure. That made it even more sweet, that my image got a good critique and could stand up with the digital ones. Dani Diamond even thought I have retouched it a bit…but this days this is a normal behavior and nobody thinks of an analog portrait anymore. Patrick Hall mentioned the glasses and how I took care about not having a reflection in there (I always take my time during a street portrait and mostly shoot only one or two images). Thanks a lot guys for your kind words and I knew before my images are not easy to compare.
Here is the direct link to the video from Fstoppers:
Critique the Community Episode 10a – Natural Light Portraits with Dani Diamond
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