Monday, May 11th, 2020

Video Podcast – Behind the United Art Gallery – Nayana LaFond

Nayana )is an immunosuppressed artist currently quarantined and working in a home studio in Massachusetts about an hour outside of Boston. Nayana is a leukemia survivor and bone marrow transplant recipient with many underlying health conditions which put her at a very high risk of both contracting Covid19 and dieing from it. She has been producing work about her experiences as a patient for many years. When Covid19 happened her work began to reflect her feelings of being vulnerable during this time and gratitude toward those risking their own lives to help others. Nayana was supposed to be in NYC for art related business when this pandemic struck that region. She is currently self quarantined in her home in Massachusetts which is a hotbed for the pandemic at the moment. She has produced over 25 works of art thus far during her quarantine and has been doing every piece over livestream on Facebook and Instagram. Livestreaming the paintings as they are made has been a way to connect with other humans. People find her livestream painting videos soothing and a needed respite.

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