Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

From Wet Plate to 3D Print – Touchable Bokeh part II (in color)

This time I did a full explanation of my whole process from a wet plate to a finished Lithophane 3D Print. I thought great 3D prints need a different approach, therefore I went outside and looked for subjects with lots of “texture”. At the end I came up with an overgrown “Nature’s Victory” branch and the skeletons of Japanese Lanterns that are a symbol for “Death Within Life”. You can can find the 3D and finer art prints in my shop: – you can also support me as a patron here and get more inside infos about my project and also support for your wet plate process.

For the Lithophanes I went to the website. Sliced the Sprint in Ideamaker and used a Filament from As said in the video, I am not sponsored by anyone, I just want you guys to know what worked well for me.
The main differences in the slicer settings are, that I did not use any infill and filled everything up with shells. Outer shell speed is 20 and I used a brim with 20 loop lines. If you use Ideamaker, you can download the Profile here (it is for an Artillery Sidewinder X1 in combination with the bio fusion filament from Extrudr)
I didn’t show it in the video, but I did the scanning before varnishing the plates. I thought it might confuse people, if interrupt the analog process with the scanning.

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