Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

My Strobe gear with a Canon/Rollei/Westcott surprise

Often people ask me what strobes I use. Thats the reason of todays video. From digital to wet plate, I covered everything. But there is also a little surprise, that might be new for a lot of people. It’s about using the Canon ST-E3-RT remote with Rollei HS Freeze 2s, Westcott FJ200 and Jinbei Strobe. All details in the video and bellow. Find links to all the gear I use here: list.mhaustria.com
Please check the chapters in the timeline to jump to the part that is interesting for you.

By accident I figured out that the Rollei HS Freeze 2s and probably the Wetscott FJ200 / Jinbei HD-200 can be controlled with the original Canon ST-E3-RT remote trigger. All these brands have the same looking remote trigger (Westcott FJ-X2m, Jinbei TR-Q7II, Rollei Profi Funksender Mark II) that is advertised to work with Canon, Funji, Nikon, Olympus and any more. The Rollei I have really works well and if you work with different Camera brands, that is a wonderful solution. But after I switched the strobe to RT, I figured, it can be triggered and controlled with the Canon remote. So I called Rollei (they have an excellent service here in Europe) and asked them why I should use their remote to trigger the Rollei strobe and my Canon speedlites, when my Canon remote can do the same. They were surprised noted the remote I use and happily took their remote back. I can use even the integrated master function of the Canon speed lite 600EXRT to trigger the Rollei strobe.

There are some advantages of the original trigger: The original trigger has the advantages to reduce the strobe power for one more stop, turn beep on and off, turn modelling light on and off and enable freeze mode. But that is nothing I need to do in the field.
I tested everything only with the Rollei strobe, but I think there is a big chance, that this will also work with the other brands as well.

Strobes in this video: Canon Speedlite 600EX II RT, Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash, Canon Speedlite ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter, Westcott FJ200, Rollei HS Freeze 2s, Hensel Expert D 250 Speed, Hensel Integra 1000 plus, Hensel Tria 3000AS Generator, Hensel EH Pro 3000 head, Hensel Tria 6000S Generator, Hensel EH Pro 6000 head

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