Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

Tiny Lens Huge Problem

Isn’t it nice when you get a present from a visitor. When Denis of visited my studio for the inspired series , he brought a tiny present. A very small lens. This lens was made by Carl Reichert at about 1908 in Vienna ( more info here ). It’s a 30mm F4 lens with an image circle of 2x2cm. Initially it was made for microscopes, but I abused it for a portrait. You can find more details about that lens here: . Most people would have put this wonderful lens in some kind of display cabinet and enjoyed it. The result of this project is available here:

such a beautiful piece

I thought it would be cool to use it. And there all the problems started. More about underneath and in my current video:

enlarged view – this plate is available here again

First I designed a lens board for my 8×10 camera with Tinkercad. Really easy to do and a quick and dirty solution (I thought).

How cute it looks on the camera

Because that lens is made for microscopes, I couldn’t focus with this big camera. I just couldn’t get my plate close enough to the lens to create a sharp picture.

Small lens big problems.

I thought I am smart an create another lens board, this time for my Frankenstein camera

It looked so promising and I was so excited.
but the result was the same – a blurry image on my ground glass.
Third time’s the charm. So I went back to the drawing board and designed a lens board with two pieces that has a focus option.
This time I was successful and could finally create a plate.
Sometimes it only needs a small Eurobox from the Home improvement store to build a camera.
enlarged view of the plate. I like the dreamy look of the plate. It fits to my idea of a small dreaming lens becoming big. – this plate is available here again

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