My main subject are clearly people. I love all humans because they are all beautiful and this is what I capture with my images.


Photographer and artist from Austria.
His work is primarily focused on portraits and collodion wet plates. Which he has also received an awards for.
He loves taking time for his photography to create special images together with the customer.
After years in sports he specialized in portraiture, weddings (and other events) and virtual tours.
He was always amazed about the human variety and started a worldwide street portrait project where he used medium and large format cameras. This deceleration lead him to the wet plate collodion process. Besides magazines and newspapers, you can find his pictures in a book. He writes also articles for a professional journal, has a column in a Magazine, does workshops and gets sometimes lost in his darkroom. His wet plate collodion work was presented in several TV documentaries and he gives his knowledge to others in his workshops (portrait and wet plates)


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Photography has always been fascinating for me however, it took a long time before I made my dream of being a photographer come true. In 2009 I began to shoot pool tournaments with a creative interest in the people and cities involved with these events. I always have new compositions in mind when I leave the house and ever since I have been travelling the world to obtain new impressions. Visiting new places also means meeting new people and after more than two years travelling I’ve made a lot of friends around the world. This addicting combination provides me with a lot of motivation for new projects in and outside my studio.