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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

Changing my camera gear – iPhone 13 Pro Max – DJI OM 5 vs Hohem iSteady V2

Filming with my Canon 5D mkIV and my M50 is sometimes pretty complicated. When I shoot wet plates, I do most of my videos by myself. Doing wet plate alone is a intensive task sometimes, combining it with capturing myself during the process can be challenging. Thats why I was looking for an easier solution. I wanted to have camera that shoots 120 or 240 fps in combination with a good autofocus for normal footage. First I thought of the wonderful Canon EOS R5. But to be honest, this wouldn’t make my life much easier. So I went for an iPhone 13 pro max in combination with the DJI OM 4 gimbal. the iPhone kills my Canon EOS M50 in low light video mode (when I use it in my darkroom with red light). It is amazing how far tech has come that days. What else I use and why the Hohem iSteady V2 is not for me, but could be the better solution for you can you find in this video. Scroll down for all the links to the tools I use, or visit for more wet plate related tools

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Hohem isteady v2 International: Deutschland:

Rode wirless go II

Rode Lavalier Go

Rode Video Mic Me-L International: Deutschland:

ULANZI VL49 RGB Video Lights

Ulanzi MT-16 Camera Tripod with cold shoe

Spigen Tough Amor kickstand case

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    Friday, December 22nd, 2017

    Was für ein Jahr – What a year

    Scroll down for English Version
    Dieses Jahr startete sehr ruhig, füllte sich aber sehr schnell mit vielen Aufgaben.
    Just wow, von vielen Shootings, Workshops, TV Drehs, Shootings mit Feuer, bis über die Artikel, die ich für c’t Digitale Fotografie geschrieben habe, bis zu vielen anderen Veröffentlichungen, hat sich wirklich sehr viel getan

    Dafür möchte ich mich heute bedanken, und zwar bei all meinen Kunden und Lesern, aber auch bei Pro-Digital, Hensel, Canon, diyphography, DPreview, Fstoppers, Gemeinde Muckendorf Wipfing, ct digitale Fotografie, Metafilm, Museum Atelier Seidel, ORF, Petapixel, Shotkit, Tether Tools, ThePhoblographer und Tricflash

    Last but not least auch ein großes Danke an Alex, die in diesem verrückten Jahr immer geholfen hat wo es nur ging.

    Das nächste Jahr kündigt sich auch schon an, mit einem weiteren spannenden Artikel in der c’t digitalen Fotografie, einem Video an dem ich schon seit einiger Zeit arbeite, ein ganz spezielles Portraitshooting und noch viel viel mehr.
    Somit schließe ich diese Jahr ab mit einem Foto von meinem letzten Shooting mit der Schauspielering Glenna Weber:

    Habt alle schöne Weihnachten/Feiertage und ein gutes neues Jahr!

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    English Version
    This year started slow but transformed to a hell of a ride 🙂
    Just wow, starting from lots of shootings, workshops, TV filmings, shootings with fire, to the articles I wrote for c’t digitale Fotografie and other publications happened a lot.
    Thats the reason I wanna say thanks to my customers, readers and Pro-Digital, Hensel, Canon, diyphography, DPreview, Fstoppers, Gemeinde Muckendorf Wipfing, ct digitale Fotografie, Metafilm, Museum Atelier Seidel, ORF, Petapixel, Shotkit, Tether Tools, ThePhoblographer, Tricflash

    Last but not least a big thanks to Alex, who supported me a lot during this crazy year.


    The next year is already knocking on its door with another exciting article in the c’t magazine, a video I’m working on and a very special portrait shooting.
    With this I end my year with a photo from last shooting with the actress Glenna Weber:

    You guys have great hollidays, merry xmas and a happy new year!!!
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    Friday, December 8th, 2017

    Portrait shooting with actress Glenna Weber – iPhone or DSLR?

    Scroll down for English Version
    Ich schreibe gerade einen Artikel für die Zeitschrift c’t Digitale-Fotografie, wobei ich das iPhone mit einer aktuellen Spiegelreflex vergleiche. Dabei habe ich die Schauspielerin Glenna Weber abgelichtet. Bis die Zeitschrift erscheint, dürft ihr raten, welches Foto von einer Canon EOS 5D Mk IV und welches von einem iPhone 8 Plus erstellt wurde. Die Hensel Blitze am iPhone habe ich mit dem Tric Flash trigger am iPhone gesynct – – bei Softwareproblemen antwortet diese Firma wirklich flott, toller support!. Antwortet in den Comments und ich schicke dem Ersten, der richtig geantwortet hat eine Zeitschrift zu.
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    Vertrieb Hensel Deutschland:
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    English Version
    Right now I’m writing an iPhone vs DSLR article for the magazine c’t Digitale-Fotografie, where I did a portrait shooting with the actress Glenna Weber. Until the magazine is released you can guess what picture I shot with the iPhone 8 Plus and which one
    I shot with my Canon EOS 5D MK IV. I synced the Hensel Strobes and the iPhone with the Tric Flash trigger – – these guys have a great support!!! The first who posts the right answer in the comment section gets a free magazine.
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    Saturday, November 9th, 2013

    and the winner is….

    Marcus Horn!


    Congratulations Marcus, you will receive soon a email with all information.


    Enjoy your Buffalo Horn Qpod from the wildlife impressions series.




    Thanks to Qpod for making this competition possible. I had the opportunity to have all their products in my hand during the product photo shoot (a more detailed posting about that will follow soon). The workmanship and quality is top notch. Go to and get yourself a beautiful Xmas present.


    Enjoy you Qpod Marcus!


    This article was written completely on my iPad and the image was shot tethered with an eye-fi card to the tablet. Retouching was done with Snapspeed and Watermark P. I’m a little surprised about myself, but honestly I have to say, that for lots of stuff my laptop will remain in the bag from now. Interested a similar read? Check out


    And here ist the full picture from the riddle:



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    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


    When you would have asked me some years ago about shooting pictures with my phone, I would just give you a smile. I usually use my 40D, 7D or 5DmkIII (and sometimes a medium format camera).Everybody knows, there is no doubt about the quality compared to a phone. For holiday fun I use a Sony dsc-TX30. This camera is really tiny and you could carry it easily in your pocket all day long without getting bothered about it. But still, you have to charge the battery and you have to put it in your pocket.


    My phone is always with me, it’s mostly charged and it also can shoot pictures.
    So it’s time to give it a serious try to shoot what I love -> people.


    I’m not afraid to shoot people close with a wide angle lens (33 mm equivalent, from an actual focal length of 4.13 mm on a iPhone 5). It gives the viewer the feeling to be very close to the subject. Speed is also a important point -> I was driving with the car during the second shot, so i would be way to slow with my dslr to capture this beautiful moment.
    I also did the post processing on the phone. I mostly use Snapspeed, because I’m used to it from my PC (Nik filters). For the watermark I used Photomarkr. And to write this article and post it, I used the WordPress app.


    From my point of view, the quality is ok for web, but I will also give it a try and develop a print.
    The usability is unbeatable -> shooting, editing and posting on the same device. But it’s tough to change settings the way I’m used to from my dslr’s. I also love to use an optical viewfinder and a fast autofocus that snaps to a (moving) subject at 1.4 for example. (I mostly shoot wide open)
    Big prints is also something I like a lot. And there is so much more that an cell phone cannot do (right now). An iPhone will never make me happy in my professional approach.


    Anyhow, there is a true saying: The best camera is the one that’s with you.


    lunch hour
    lunch hour

    morning hour
    morning hour

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