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Thursday, December 7th, 2023

My Talk at the Ars Elecronica Center and a unique print

I want to share with you guys a quick tour of my talk, so you can get an idea how it turned out. I got lots of great feedback and enjoyed it a lot. The next day I captured the Ars Electronica Center building on a glass plate and did a slat print. I really like how this turned out.

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    Monday, August 28th, 2023

    Deep Space Lecture: Ars analogica – where Hightech meets pure Analog

    Eine multimediale Zeitreise zum Ursprung der Fotografie.

    Erlebt mit mir den historischen Nassplattenprozess in Form von mikroskopischen Aufnahmen, dreidimensionalen Porträts und 4K-Videos. Bei dieser Reise führe ich euch durch die Geschichte, stelle euch authentisches Equipment vor und präsentiere die daraus entstandenen extrem ausdrucksstarken und hochauflösenden Porträts auf einer 9×16 Meter großen Laserprojektion in 8K. So habt ihr Fotografie noch nie erlebt!

    Hier gehts zu Anmeldung für den 13. Oktober:

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    Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

    End Of 2022 Studio Tour

    Maybe you missed my exhibition, or you want to come for a portrait or a workshop. Then you have now a chance to walk with me in a brief overview through my studio.

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    Thursday, August 19th, 2021

    News: Amazing Steve McCurry Exhibition and a Waterhouse Stop Database

    In this video I show you guys an exhibition that is a must see when you are in Austria. I am talking about the Steve McCurry exhibition in Graz This is one of the most amazing experiences I had in an exhibition like that. Huge (up to 4x6Meters and 133 of them) portraits of Steve McCurry that are all backlit. These backlit portraits are the only light source in the room. Just some more numbers so you guys get a better idea: 1100m2 portraits in a 2200m2 room! This just looks amazing. Find more details and see some great drone footage from the exhibition in my video.

    Mr. McCurry’s work inspired me many years ago and that was the reason why I started with portrait photography. He gave an artist talk in Graz and afterwards he signed books and spent some time with everybody. He is such a nice and friendly human beeing.

    As you can imagine, for me it was very cool to see him in person for the first time. And I couldn’t resist to take a selfie with him 🙂

    At this point also a big thanks to for bringing such an amazing exhibition and the artist talk to life and letting me use the drone video.

    And there are more great news: If somebody of you guys are missing Waterhouse stops, then I am here to help. I created a Waterhouse stop database that can help lots of people To make this happen, it would be great if anybody who has existing Waterhouse stops would scan them, measure them and upload all the information. I will bring everything in a usable format and publish it on the website. So if someone is looking for a Waterhousstop, he can go there, print the stops on cardboard and use them. Or if you want to have them 3d printed, just contact me here
    Thanks to Christian Klant for coming up with the idea. Now enjoy the video guys!

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    Sunday, October 11th, 2020

    Wet Plate Talk and Menschenbilder Exhibition in Judenburg

    click or scroll down for the English version

    Letzte Woche war ich bei der tollen Menschenbildereröffnung in Judenburg dabei. Außerdem hielt ich gleich zwei Vorträge über den Kollodium-Nassplattenprozess und über meine Herangehensweise beim Porträtieren mit diesem historischen Verfahren im Murtal Museum. Dabei hatte ich viel Spaß und lernte auch viele tolle Menschen kennen. Judenburg ist immer einen Besuch wert, neben den Menschenbildern und dem Museum gibt es auch noch das schöne Puchmuseum und den beeindruckenden Sternenturm zu sehen. Danke an Heinz Mitteregger, Karoline Straner und Philipp Odelga für die Fotos von mir. Zusätzlich nochmal Danke für die Einladung!

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    Last week I was at the amazing Human Pictures (Menschenbilder) exhibition in Judenburg . Additionally I had two talks about the collodion wet plate process and how I approach my portraits with this technique in the Murtal Museum. I had so much fun there and met so many great people. If you are in Austria, you will like you visit in Judenburg, Beside the Museum and the current exhibition, you can visit the Puchmuseum and the planetarium Sternenturm. Thanks a lot to Heinz Mitteregger, Karoline Straner and Philipp Odelga for the photographs of myself. Also thanks a lot for the invitation.

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