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Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

My new easy to use Darkroom

After moth of renovating my Darkroom, I am finally finished with it and can show you what I did to make my life easier.

One of the main things in a darkroom is the sink. I looked for age to get a fitting one, but couldn’t find any. But my good friend Lois knows somebody who knows somebody and with that I got a custom made sink that was a lifesaver. Thanks a lot for that!

Fitting everything in a small space is making everything more easy.
Another thing that made my life easier is the Darkroom Winch that you can get here: This saves so much time, because otherwise I would be standing there for hours rocking trays.
Beside rocking trays, washing prints and plates is another thing that has to be done, thats why I build this watering system out of plumber pipes from the diy marked. I am sure you can find yourself similar parts near you. I only had to drill holes into the pipe and find some kind of holder for it.
I just had to get an old stop watch for my darkroom and this one from Junghans fits just perfectly in there.
Dangerous chemicals need to be locked up, thats why I use an NFC lock with my stainless steel cabinet (links to the lock and 3d print files can be found at the end of my article)
Red light, yellow light, bright light, dark light – all these scenarios are possible with my Philips hue system that I use in my darkroom. Just with the click of a button I change to whatever color I need and I also build a protection cover, so nobody accidentally changes from red to white. You will find all prints on my thingiverse:
Humidity and temperature can have an impact of your work and also can have an impact of the darkroom. With this sensor I can easily read the values and can create automation because of it. More about that in my second darkroom video that focuses mainly on ventilation and how to save money with that.

Here are all the links to the tools I used, consider buying that stuff locally as well.
For easier user I use my Amazon affiliate links.

Darkroom automation video:
Darkroom Timer video:
My Thingyverse:
Darkroom Winch
Stainless Steel cabinet:
Curly hose with spray gun: International: German:

Door Sensor International: German:
Thermometer – Hygrometer International: German:

NFC cabinet lock International: German:
Squeege International: German:
Hue bridge (needed for the lights): International: German:
Hue lightstrip International: German:
Hue Bulb International: German:
Hue dimmer switch International: German:
Silvos Silver nitrate stain remover

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    Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

    How to remove Scratches from Tintypes varnished with Sandarac

    There is nothing more annoying as scratches in your sandarac varnish. In todays video I show you how to make many of the go away. For that you let the varnished plate breath alcohol in a closed container . after about 15 minutes (you will smell it), the varnish will get sticky again and because of that small scratches will disappear. After you are happy with the result, you heat the plate to cure the varnish again. always cover the plate as good as possible with a tray or something else, to avoid dust on it. See the full explanation in my video

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