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Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

How To make Waterhouse Stops for antique lenses Part II

In todays video I show you guys how to make Waterhouse stop if you do not have any existing ones.

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Waterhouse Stop Database:
Gerald’s video about aperture & f-stop
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    Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

    How to create Waterhouse stops for antique lenses

    Large format photographers who work with antique Petzval lenses know the hassle. You get a pretty new brass lens, but there are no Waterhouse stops included. “Hey I don’t care, I shoot anyways wide open all the time” some might say. With some, I also include me. But then you find yourself on a very sunny day and struggle with doing a very quick exposure, like here (and you will end up anyways with an overexposed image, even with the not so light sensitive wet plate process). Oh yes, and there is also the creative point of stopping down your lens – but wait, who really does that if you can have a dreamy, swirly Petzval bokeh, right? 🙂 Just kidding, I would have needed these Waterhouse stop more often than I thought of. That’s why I finally 3D printed them (there is also another option) and did a tutorial for you guys, so you can make them too without having to much trouble. At the end I also decided to make carrying case for them, to have them in a safe place. If you don’t want to make them by yourself, check out – where I will make them for you (Dallmeyer 2B and 3b Waterhouse stops are available right now, but you can contact me here and we will figure something out for your lens).

    Highend Waterhouse stops: (you need to ask for it)
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