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Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Preserving History – Renovating a 100 Year Old Camera – Bellow Edition

My good old Century No.2 camera has about 100 years behind her. She still works great, but her bellow is leaking light. Thats why I needed to repair it. I thought it is easiest to explain everything in a video, so it is easier to understand for you guys and hopefully also helpful. It took me a long time to put everything together. Why? Because it was important for me to reuse as many original parts as possible to preserve the history of this camera. I think this is a very important part when you consider to renovate a piece of history! Underneath the video are all links for the parts I needed.

Bellowmaker: – email is the best way to communicate
Large Caliper International: Germany:
Liquid Rubber: International (similar) : Germany:
Glue for mounting the Bellow: International: Germany:
Ifixit essential tools – they were very helpful:
machinist square International: Germany
Screenprinting paint and cold fix:
Video for building a mobile darkroom:
Video for sandarac varnish:

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