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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

David Kriesel – Inspired Series

David Kriesel is a data scientist from Bonn – Germany. He was born in 1984 and is self-employed from 1998 on (at the time he was 14). Find more details here:
You might know him in connection with the Xerox bug he discovered in 2013. (German version here)
David also does a lot of talks. The combination of data science and talks may sound boring to some of you. But this is only because you never watched one of David’s extremely entertaining and very interesting talks. He will explain a specific topic to you, that you probably never thought will be of any interest for you. After he finished his talk, he for sure has convinced you otherwise.
There is a quote that I like to mention from one of his talks, that made me think and smile: “Mathematics know no mercy” and that reflects for me what his talks are about. There are no shortcuts, behind every of his projects is a lot of hard work. But with that comes a lot of fun stories.

I am very grateful that David took the time to fly over from Germany with his Dad to be my sitter in front of my wet plate camera for the inspired series. I also enjoyed talking to his dad a lot, he is a wonderful person and I can see now where David got his humour from. It was great meeting both of you and so much fun. Thanks again for your time!

David Kriesel – inspired series – collodion wet plate portrait
We chose this pose to express a sceptical moment of his projects
David Kriesel – inspired series – collodion wet plate portrait
This is an interesting one. I underexposed the portrait on purpose to overdevelop it.
Normally this brings out more grain, but in that case it brought out some interesting silver waves.
Collodion has sometimes its own ways to express things,
maybe this is the process showing all the things that go through the mind of David.
Friedrich-Wilhelm Kriesel with his son David Kriesel – collodion wet plate portrait.
I like this one a lot. I think it reflects perfectly the great energy these guys have.

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