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Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Bringing a 50 year old Linhof tripod back to life – quick and dirty version

I have already one big tripod with a huge ball head from the large format manufactura Linhof. Linhof also produces their famous large format camera “Linhof Master Technika” which I own also one. So it was quite obvious that I couldn’t resist to repair this tripod I got. Somebody had a bicycle accident with it and therefore it was in a rough shape. But that did not stop me to give a repair a try. If you look how well these tripods are build, it would have been a shame to throw it away. This tripod was made in the 1970s and later. Thats another reason it fits good to my other cameras. Thanks a lot to Foto Koeberl from Graz who send me pictures and a video from a working ball head. Otherwise it would have been much more difficult to reverse engineer the function of it. Check out the video where you can see the whole process of the tripod repair.

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Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Nassplattenakt Eclipse

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Wir hatten das große Glück für ein Shooting kurzfristig das Model Vanessa zu bekommen (Von ). Vielen Dank für die Ausdauer und Geduld um ein weiteres Nassplattenshooting fertigzustellen.
Dieses Nassplattenunikat entstand mit Leidenschaft, Silber und Licht auf einer über 100 Jahre alten Kamera. Wollt Ihr selber so ein Kunstwerk? Informiert euch unter
Titel: eclipse
Model: Vanessa
Plattengröße: 30x40cm
Arbeitszeit: ca 4 Stunden (Inklusive Vorbereitungen)
Kamera: Unbekannter Tischler um 1900
Objektiv: Voigtlaender Heliar 480 mm F4.5 @ F9
Blitze: Hensel Expert Pro 2800 Watt/Sekunde
All diese Platten sind handgemacht (Beschichtung, montieren usw)
Um so ein Ergebnis zu erzielen, benötigt man viel Geduld und viel Übung.
Vanessa 1
Vanessa 2


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English Version:
Luckily we were able to have the model Vanessa (from for another wet plate shooting. Thanks a lot for your patience and stamina to make this piece of art happen.
This one of a kind tin type was made out of passion, silver and light with an over 100 year old camera.
Have a look at if you want to have done a tin tintype of you.
Title: eclipse
Model: Vanessa
Plate size: 30x40cm
Working time: about 4 hours (inclusive preparations)
Camera: Unknown carpenter from 1900
Lens: Voigtlaender Heliar 480 mm F4.5 @ F9
Strobes: Hensel Expert Pro 2800 Watt/Second
This plates are all handmade (pouring, coating, mounting and so on)
It needs a lot of practice and patience to make a photograph like that with that old technique.
Vanessa 1
Vanessa 2


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