Waterhouse Stops Database

I created this database to help others get missing Waterhouse stops.
You can download them and cut them out of cardboard or I can print them for you.

If you are interested in a 3D printed Waterhouse Stop, please contact me here: https://www.markus-hofstaetter.at/pages/kontakt/

If have Waterhouse stops (one or even more) of a lens that is not listed here, please scan them and provide the measurements as specified in the table with the form at the end of the page.

Waterhouse stops other Photographers are looking for: Dallmeyer 1b, Steinheil Antiplanet 33m

If you want to support this project in another way, you can do that with PayPal, buy me a tea or become a patron

Example of a scan and dimensions explained

Waterhouse Stops in Millimeter

Lens manufacturer Lens name Waterhouse stop height Waterhouse stop width Waterhouse stop thickness Diameter F4 Diameter F5.6 Diameter F8 Diameter F11 Diameter F16 Diameter F22 Image Note
Dallmeyer 2B 111 66,5 1 50,8 38,1 25,4 19,05 12,7 9,525 Waterhouse Stops Patent 2BDiameter measured from original
Dallmeyer 3B 104,2 85,8 1,1 72,5 51 36,3 26,4 18,1 13,2 Waterhouse Stops Patent 3BDiameter calculated - not through the lens
Dallmeyer 3B v2 114,4 86,3 1,17 72,5 40,8 36,3 26,4 18,1 13,2 Waterhouse Stops Patent 3B V2Diameter calculated - not through the nelns
Dallmeyer 3B v3 n/a 87 1,1 68 56 47 37 28 14 Waterhouse Stops Patent 3B V3Original stop measures, different f stops, see image
Dallmeyer 3A 124 95 1,1 88,89 64,53 46 32,11 22,72 15,91 Waterhouse Stops Patent 3ADiameter measured from original
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Waterhouse Stops in Inch

WP DataTables

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