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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Poolaroids is going XL

We can make every wish come true .
Poolaroids supports now more different sizes and Materials.
Just contact us if you have a special wish.


How about a lifesize Jasmin Oushan for example? (75x110cm or 29×69 inch)







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Friday, July 8th, 2011

Eurotour St. Johann im Pongau Day1

Another very long day in my life….


Went up early in the morning and drove to St. Johann. On my way the police forced me to have a break…..because of the “Österreich-Radrundfahrt” (a bicycle race).
After my arrival it was as usual here….super nice weather….a beautiful view and a super nice hotel with very friendly/polite people.


Finally I had the opportunity to show (and give) some of my pool photos to the players and visitors. The reactions were very positive and a lot of people think the same way like I do…..that’s the way to go.


If you are in St. Johann….don’t hesitate to contact Sunny or me if you are interested in high end Pool Billiard Pictures …..also if you just wanna see how they look like. Just give it a chance and I am sure it will make you smile.


It was happy to see all of you guys again 😉


Normally I don’t have that much time to watch matches, but this time I spent like 25 to 30 minutes and saw one from the beginning until the end. Chris Melling rushed like a hurricane over Kemilev Nikola (9:0). Chris was running around the table like he had too much coffee 😉 He played super well and I think he was really running sometimes…..more and more people were watching that match. Chris only slowed down a bit (still fast) for kickshots. Congrats for a great performance!!!!



Enjoy the photos (Click on the picture to see the gallery):
(If you want to use the pictures please contact me and please don’t crop my watermark out)


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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Poolaroids – the spirit of emotions

I am proud to present my new Shop.


The Story:
At the end of March I decided to open my own shop.
During the European Championships I told you guys I will open in in two month. And that is exactly today.


A lot of people around the world were asking for it and myself were looking for it also after I had my own pool room.
Good pool pictures…. and everybody knows what you will find on the Internet (cats and dogs playing billiard, The Rat Pack, movie posters and so on.)


This changes now with Poolaroids:
I sell only high-end Fine Art Prints on aluminum (I call that one “carefree package” you just have to unwrap it, put it on your wall and enjoy it with a smile)
and on 330g baryte paper for people who want to frame the photo by themselves.



Worldwide free shipping will make it easier for you – what you see is what you pay.
Also discounts are available in the Fine Art Print Section.


Poolaoids stands also for environment protection and sustainability…. just visit for more information


Just visit


Maybe you have an idea now why my blog was not that often updated the last two month…no worries new tournament pictures are on the way 😉

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Monday, May 30th, 2011

The BIG thing will happen soon ;-)

Update: Soon will be 1st of June

Maybe you are wondering why there were no updates on my blog for the last month.
There is a reason for that and it’s not because I am lazy 😉
I was working on something big and will finish it in the next days.

Here is a little teaser:


So don’t forget to check my blog every day for the latest news.

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

A Big Loss

On December 31. 2009 one of our biggest friends passed away.
Harald Weingartner was one of these guys who was able to  make you smile in seconds.
A very straight person that helped whenever he was able to.
He was a good son who took care of his mum all the time
and he loved (and for sure still loves) Pool and every little thing around it.
We played a lot and it was fun every time.
Even when he played some Harry’s (lucky shots),  and everybody knows what he said with a smile afterwards:
“I did it only  because of the next position, there is no other way to play this ball”
This is how I know him and how I will remember him all the time.

Harry, you will never be forgotten.
You will live in our memories and in us.

This tribute is for you:

original shockwave flash version (Internet Explorer or Firefox with flash-player required)



 Please forward this information to everybody who knows him.

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